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Rod claims Singles Knockout

- Tocumwal

On Tuesday, August 30, the ladies played a four person dropout Ambrose on the Captain’s course.

Winners: Nat Beard, Margaret Murphy, Shirley Desailly and Sharon Pyle, 70.12.

Runners-up: Julie O’Brien, Carmel Butcher, Julie Penny & Gale Tyers. 70.62.

NTPs: 8th Robyn Taverna, 17th Debbie Olsson.

On Wednesday, August 31, the men played a two person Ambrose on the President’s course. Winners: Peter and John Taylor, 62.25. Runners-up were Ray Watmore and Mark Newton with 62.25, and third was James McCully and Lee Ramadge with 64.75.

Gold Division: Leonard Redfern and Phillip Lovelove, 72.

NTPs: 2nd Freddy Barton, 8th Ray Watmore, 14th Steven Deller, 18th Ray Watmore.

Saturday, September 3 saw the ladies and men play Stableford on the Captain’s course from the blue tees.


Division 1: Tracey Shalders 38 points; Runner-up: Susan Hawe 34 points.

Division 2: Beth Muir 32 points; Runner-Up: Roslyn Seymour 31 points.


Division 1: Kevin Dunn 40 points; R/U Bruce McCallum 36 points; third Brett Molnar 36 points.

Division 2: Geoffrey Hanns 35 points; R/U Ronald Huy 35 points; third John Bradbury 35 points.

Division 3: Alan Michalowsk­y 37 points; R/U Alan Leggate 37 points; third John Washbrook 35 points.

Gold Division: Cherryl Rossboroug­h 30 points.

NTPs: 2nd John Thompson & Libby Quick, 8th Thomas Zouch & Lindy Cooper, 14th Craig Marshall, 17th Ash Rowe.

Sunday, September 4, was a 4BBB Stableford event for the men and the final of the singles men’s knockout on the President’s course.

Singles Knockout winner was Rod Simms, on the President’s 20th Hole.

4BBB winners were Murray Chapman and Clinton Knight on 43 points.

Runners-up were Denis Myers and Douglas Beckwith with 41 and third was Thomas Zouch and Gerrard Bence, also on 41.

Ladies: Bobette Wilkinson 39 points.

Gold Division: Leonard Redfern 29 points. NTPs: 2nd Steve Naughton & Tracey Shalders, 8th Sel Corcoran, 14th Darren Rowe, 18th Douglas Beckwith & Bobette Wilkinson.


Wednesday’s Ladies Stroke event was sponsored by Price Concrete Co.

Winner was Anne Harding on 98/25/76. Ball winners were Sue Simpson on 97/23/74, Janet Delmenico on 98/24/74 and Sharon Pyle on 90/6/74.

Putting went to Anne Harding with 24 putts. Men's Stableford winner was Michael Schwabe with 34.

Ball winners were Kevin Keane (33), Lindsay Donkin (32), and Kevin Tengstrom, Barry Wilson and Douglas Smith all with 31.

NTP: 18th Alan Hand.

NAGA: Alan Hand.

Top Gun: Michael Schwabe.

Thursday’s nine hole was played on the front nine.

Winner was Kevin Tengstom with 17 points. Ball winner was Norm Pyle pn 15 points, after a three way countback.

The Friday Fish Stableford event was won by John Taylor with 35 points.

Ball winner was Colin McNamara 33 points. NTP: 18th John Taylor.

Saturday's Spring Cup Mixed 4BBB was sponored by N&S Pyle.

Winners were Kaye Sutton and Colin McNamara on 44 points, ahead of Gai and Rob Singleton with 41 c/b.

NTPs: 3rd Gai Singleton, 11th Kellie White, 13th Sue Simpson, 18th Peter Wood.

NAGA: Annie Wood & Ian Daniel.

Sunday's Men's/Ladies Stroke was sponsored by Daisy Mae’s.

In the Ladies Division, Janet Delmenico was the winner with 97/24/73.

Ball winner was Sue Simpson 97/23/74. NTP: Linda Rendell.

Men's winner was Paul Pinnuck with 80/11/69.

Ball winners were Michael Schwabe (88/16/72), Alan Hand (94/21/73), Grant Wilson (82/8/74 c/b) and Matt Wilson (86/8/74 c/b).

NTPs: 18th Michael Schwabe. Michael also claimed the Top Gun Award.


Friday's winner was Neil Graham (5013.5-36.5) and runner-up was Chris Kelly (44-7.5-36.5).

Jeff Stein won the putting with 13 putts.

Ball winner was Peter Shand (45-8-37). Saturday's winner was Chris Kelly (44-7-37), and runner-up was Joe Nicholls (47-10-37).

Jeff Stein won the putting with 15 putts, and ball winner was Matt Whelan (41-2-39).

Sunday's winner was Jeff Stein with 33 points, and runner-up was Peter Shand with 30 points.

Ball winner was Chris Kelly on 29 points. Chris also won NTP on the 17th.

This Sunday will be stroke, and veterans will be held at Berrigan on Monday.


Thursday was the Stableford Medley, with the course showing its wet side after rain and with the Billabong in flood.

The winner was Julie Sleigh on 34 points, ahead of David Leeds on 28 points.

David also showed his chivalry after climbing a tree to retrieve a ball for a lady in his group.

NTPs (sponsored by Laurie Henery): 16th Felicite Aull.

There was a great turnout of volunteers for the coring of our greens, which enabled us to finish a day ahead of time. Thank you and well done.

Our course will be closed for the next two weeks.

We will inform you if anything changes.

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