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New King, new ‘religion’?

- Dear Editor,

As a weekly volunteer at the Food Bank in Finley, I just wanted to share some observatio­ns about what is happening at food banks or food shares around the developed world now.

What volunteers are seeing are ever-growing numbers of people turning up who need food because they've prioritise­d petrol to get to work or electricit­y to heat/cool their home.

Petrol/diesel prices are soaring, but electricit­y and gas are up by as much as 20 times what they were just a few months ago, right across Europe.

Europeans are going to freeze to death in large numbers this coming winter because their national leaders listened to the climate change cult and, as a result, have shut down their reliable and affordable power in favour of intermitte­nt solar and wind.

Yes, extremists will howl that it is 'Putin's fault for cutting off the gas' but no, the root of the cause is political leaders listening to the irrational voices of extremists.

The answer now is not for government to fund food banks - more printed money actually makes this problem worse.

The answer is for our leaders to push for more oil and gas exploratio­n and for the constructi­on of a new oil refinery in NSW.

When fuel becomes cheaper, food becomes cheaper.

I hope our new King rules for all the people and not for elites with seaside mansions, who preach the trendy religion that causes real misery for others.

Yours etc. Alexander Powell Finley

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