Spe­cial­ist of­fers Bo­tox for blad­der prob­lems

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Bo­tox in­jec­tions are no longer just for wrin­kles, but can help women over­come blad­der is­sues, ac­cord­ing to Dr Anga­muthu Arun from the Waikiki Spe­cial­ist Cen­tre.

Bo­tulinum toxin A, com­monly known as Bo­tox in­jec­tions, are best known for treat­ing wrin­kles, but they have re­cently been ap­proved in Aus­tralia for use in over­ac­tive blad­der treatment

“Over­ac­tive blad­der is a con­di­tion in women where the blad­der con­tracts in­vol­un­tar­ily too of­ten or with­out warn­ing, lead­ing to the con­stant urge to uri­nate and/or leak­age of urine,” Dr Arun said.

“In order to man­age OAB, your doctor may rec­om­mend treat­ments that work by calm­ing the nerves and mus­cles around your blad­der. Not all women ben­e­fit from these treat­ments with some un­able to tol­er­ate the side ef­fects of avail­able med­i­ca­tions, which can in­clude dry mouth, con­sti­pa­tion and lack of con­cen­tra­tion and feel­ing drowsy.”

For women un­able to use med­i­ca­tions to re­lieve OAB, Bo­tox in­jec­tions can be of­fered as an al­ter­na­tive treatment. Bo­tox, as treatment for OAB, is de­liv­ered via in­jec­tion and works by block­ing the mus­cles and nerves that lead to the feel­ing of ur­gently need­ing to uri­nate.

Dr Arun said treatment could be highly ef­fec­tive in re­liev­ing the fre­quency and urgency of need­ing to go to the toi­let and re­duced uri­nary in­con­ti­nence in most women.

“Usu­ally the ben­e­fi­cial ef­fects are seen three to four days af­ter the in­jec­tion with ef­fects last­ing be­tween six and 12 months,” he said.

“Side ef­fects of the in­jec­tions can in­clude uri­nary re­ten­tion, blood in urine or a uri­nary tract in­fec­tion, all of which are treat­able in the event they oc­cur.”

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Pic­ture: Waikiki Spe­cial­ist Cen­tre

Dr Anga­muthu Arun

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