Re­flect on mean­ing of Christ­mas sea­son

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Have you ever stopped to re­flect how re­mark­able it is that we still re­mem­ber the birth of Je­sus Christ some 2000 years on?

And for that mat­ter, we still re­mem­ber his death too (at Easter).

Hun­dreds of songs have been writ­ten about Je­sus, and are still sung to­day.

Mil­lions of peo­ple have been changed by Je­sus, and still fol­low him to­day.

Bil­lions of peo­ple have come and gone dur­ing the past 2000 years. But there is no one quite like Je­sus — “God with us”.

And there is no one who had a mis­sion quite like Je­sus — “He will save His peo­ple from their sins”.

On the night of his birth, an angel de­clared: “To­day in the town of David, a saviour has been born to you.”

Al­though we have all re­belled against the God who lov­ingly made us and gives us life, he sends us a saviour to res­cue us from the judg­ment our re­bel­lion de­serves.

He sends us his one-of-a-kind son. He sends us Je­sus.

Christ­mas re­minds us that God is mer­ci­ful; that you are loved; and that we can be for­given and rec­on­ciled back to God.

A saviour has been pro­vided for you. He in­vites you to en­trust your life to him.

Pas­tor Co­hen Wat­son.

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