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Aries (March 21 - April 20)

The fo­cus is on fi­nances right now.Jobs con­nected with fi­nances or the me­dia do par­tic­u­larly well. Ditto for those linked with health care.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)

Step back from the hys­te­ria sur­round­ing you and calmly re­assess the sit­u­a­tion. It’s a fairly safe bet the fu­ture’s not to­tally doomed.

Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

Un­til fam­ily prob­lems are sorted, noth­ing will make much sense. Give your full at­ten­tion to any trou­bling sit­u­a­tion at home.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

The cos­mos al­lows you to re­lease emo­tional bag­gage or out­worn val­ues. Do this, and the possibilities of new love or pro­mo­tion soar.

Leo (July 23 - Au­gust 23)

Be­ing pushed into not-so-sat­is­fac­tory sit­u­a­tions is not ac­cept­able. Make your thoughts heard.

Virgo (Au­gust 24 - Septem­ber 22)

If you can make sense of the next few days, great — but should the go­ing get too tough, es­cape. Al­low your­self the oc­ca­sional mo­ment of seren­ity. Prefer­ably, alone.

Libra (Septem­ber 23 - Oc­to­ber 23)

Some­one new holds the prom­ise of stay­ing very spe­cial. Bet­ter still, you’re ready to off­load a fair few of those in­hi­bi­tions.

Scorpio (Oc­to­ber 24 - Novem­ber 22)

There’s some gos­sip around, and it could be about you, so don’t be in a hurry to re­veal your thoughts. Let others re­veal their in­ten­tions first.

Sagittarius (Novem­ber 23 - De­cem­ber 21)

If you’ve taken a pro­fes­sional leap of faith lately, it should soon show re­ward­ing re­sults. The same can be said for af­fairs of the heart.

Capricorn (De­cem­ber 22 - Jan­uary 20)

Take the com­pas­sion­ate route rather than the ma­te­ri­al­is­tic, and you could stum­ble across mo­ments of gen­uine peace and hap­pi­ness.

Aquarius (Jan­uary 21 - Fe­bru­ary 18)

Just when you were about to let go of some long-held dreams, you are re­minded why you had high hopes in the first place.

Pisces (Fe­bru­ary 19 - March 20)

Break down any emo­tional bar­ri­ers that have grown be­tween you and loved ones. Don’t be too proud to ask for help. If asked, friends will of­fer sup­port.

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