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6 In which coun­try is Mount Carmel? (6)

7 Which large bee­tle ap­pears in Egyp­tian hi­ero­glyphs? (6)

10 Which vin­tage Austin car is the hero of a series of chil­dren’s books by Val Biro? (7)

11 With Brahms, which com­poser is as­so­ci­ated with drunk­en­ness in rhyming slang? (5)

12 Which veg­etable is an Al­lium por­rum? (4)

13 What word can fol­low gripe, heavy and low? (5) 16 What silky fi­bre from around the seed of a trop­i­cal tree is used for stuff­ing cush­ions etc? (5) 17 In Greek mythol­ogy, Ar­cas, son of Zeus, was turned into what an­i­mal by Hera? (4)

20 What type of tooth is used for grind­ing food? (5) 21 What var­nish is made from a substance se­creted by an in­sect? (7)

22 What small harp­si­chord was pop­u­lar in the 17th and 18th cen­tury? (6)

23 Writer Franz Kafka was born and worked in which city? (6)


1 The Green Man is a ghost story by which fa­mous nov­el­ist? (8,4)

2 Dizzy Gille­spie gained fame play­ing which mu­si­cal in­stru­ment? (7)

3 What striped an­i­mal was the now ex­tinct South African quagga? (5)

4 What sharp knife does a sur­geon use? (7)

5 What quan­tity is twelve dozen? (5)

8 Which woman, one of the best-known cooks in the US, was only the in­ven­tion of a flour com­pany? (5,7)

9 Which US breed of horse has dark spots on a light back­ground? (9)

14 In Is­lam, which archangel re­vealed the Ko­ran to the Prophet Muham­mad? (7)

15 Which sci­ence deals with the his­tory of the earth as recorded in rocks? (7)

18 What knitting stitch is made by putting the nee­dle through the front of the stitch from left to right? (5)

19 What piled fab­ric is used to make bath tow­els?


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