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WE ARE all taught that ed­u­ca­tion plays a huge role in the shap­ing of our fu­ture. But who de­fines what ed­u­ca­tion is?

From a very young age I was told a re­port card full of As was all that was ac­cept­able but I soon re­alised not all of us are des­tined to bring home that per­fect re­port card.

I think maybe once in Year 1 I re­ceived a straight A re­port card. It was all down­hill from there.

But I think some­times the mes­sage gets a lit­tle con­fused and while we are try­ing so hard to get that per­fect ed­u­ca­tion, to achieve straight As and to make ev­ery­one else happy, we aren’t aware there is a big world that has enough twists and curves to make a roller-coaster jeal­ous.

I had my life mapped out by the time I was in Year 5. I was go­ing to be a re­porter on 60 Min­utes and I was go­ing to travel the world, re­port­ing mainly in war torn coun­tries. Noth­ing would stand in my way.

I went off to board­ing school think­ing it would in­crease my chances of get­ting into the per­fect univer­sity, in­volved my­self in ev­ery pos­si­ble ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­ity, spent my hol­i­days do­ing work ex­pe­ri­ence at TV sta­tions and news­pa­pers and went off to univer­sity with my life mapped out.

But, as too of­ten hap­pens, life threw me a curve ball – love. Yep, some­thing that sim­ple changed my life.

So, do I re­gret it? Not one bit. Would I do it again? In a heart­beat. What did I learn? Ed­u­ca­tion comes in all shapes and sizes.

So, af­ter all those years of a sure path, it seems that cir­cle of life has in­deed com­pleted a cir­cle. I find my­self sit­ting in the Stan­thorpe Border Post

of­fice and while this may not be a war-torn town, I may not be a jour­nal­ist and I may not have an ed­i­to­rial back­ground with univer­sity qual­i­fi­ca­tions, I am proud of the lit­tle bit I add to this pa­per ev­ery week.

We are all born des­tined for some­thing great. Some­times, it just takes a few lessons to find our own great­ness.

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