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AL­READY dev­as­tated by drought, Gran­ite Belt land­hold­ers are scream­ing out for sup­port as they come un­der siege from wild dogs.

WHY don’t more properties get dogs like Marem­mas?

The fi­nan­cial ben­e­fits are well doc­u­mented. — Mar­ion Car­rick PAY some trap­pers. — Sean Gunnlaugs­son OUR 2 Al­pacas were killed by some­thing last night.

Looks like it was prob­a­bly dogs.

Very sad! — Mar­ion Irene McCul­loch NOT al­ways wild dogs; some are dogs not con­tained nor looked af­ter. — Ju­dith Holmes "YOU'RE pro­tect­ing your com­mu­nity and what's bet­ter than that?” It's that selfless at­ti­tude that has kept Roni Bau in good stead over 40-plus years of duty.

WELL done Roni B. — Jackie Hawthorne Salzke LONG time com­ing, well done. — Ju­dith Holmes A TRUCK'S trailer rolled over on the New Eng­land High­way just south of Bal­lan­dean and caused a big stinky mess. LUCKY there’s no fans around. — Tom Bos­ton THE grass will be re­ally green around that area now. — Matt Scott AND I thought it was the mis­sus do­ing it.

I have some grov­el­ling to do. Wish me (luck). — Aaron Kilpatrick

OH crap. — Quin­ton Stan­ley

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