Noth­ing quite like a grand­child

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MY HUS­BAND and I got to play full-time nanny and poppy to our grand­son for a few days while our daugh­ter was in hospi­tal.

I al­ready know how pre­cious my grand­child is and I will brag about him to any­one who has the pa­tience to lis­ten, but I now re­alise what im­por­tance the role of be­ing a grandparent has and just how in­flu­en­tial a role we play in our grand­chil­dren’s lives.

My grand­son Clancy is at that age when he just soaks ev­ery­thing up like a sponge.

He knows that Nanny is the food provider and the sleep time boss and Poppy is the play­ground of noth­ing else but pure fun.

He knows which one of us he can wrap around his fin­ger and at what time and he knows that rou­tine is a must.

He is very quickly learn­ing that his fam­ily is crazy and that won’t change any time soon.

But the amaz­ing part of the past week was just how much my grand­child has taught me.

In fact, I have dis­cov­ered that I have a new seven com­mand­ments to ad­here to.

Be slow to anger – if it gets spilled, it can be cleaned up.

Take lots of pho­tos, I mean lots of pho­tos – they grow up too quickly.

You re­ally can sur­vive on lit­tle sleep – be­cause that morn­ing smile they give you sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Be­ing a grandparent is not al­ways sun­shine and roses – that mo­ment when they go home and say good­bye just rips apart your heart.

It is even bet­ter than you’ve heard – while there are those mo­ments of heart­break, the bless­ing and the joy is, hon­estly, not able to be put into words.

You grandparent so dif­fer­ently to the way you par­ented – noth­ing is off lim­its.

And num­ber one – love your grand­child with all your heart… but re­mem­ber that they are not yours.

Oh, and in case you were won­der­ing why my daugh­ter was in hospi­tal this past week, I am proud to an­nounce the birth of our first lit­tle grand-daugh­ter, Elsie Rose Wil­lett.

A tiny bun­dle of joy that has melted our hearts all over again.

Mother Teresa once said, “The prob­lem with our world is that we draw the cir­cle of fam­ily too small.”

Well, lit­tle Elsie, you have no prob­lems with our cir­cle be­ing too small. It is with much love that we welcome you to our huge, ex­tended, slightly crazy fam­ily.

You and your brother are the most spe­cial gift ever given… and just qui­etly, if I had known our grand­chil­dren were go­ing to be so pre­cious, I would have had them first.

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