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Henry Ford hated what and was de­ter­mined to keep them out of his car plants? (6)

7 What doc­u­ment grants pro­tec­tion to an in­ven­tor? (6)

10 US space probes of which se­ries were launched be­tween 1958 and 1973? (7)

11 What fos­sil resin from the Baltic Sea re­gion is prized for jew­ellery mak­ing? (5)

12 What is the ba­sic mone­tary unit of China? (4) 13 What milky fluid ex­udes from cut rub­ber trees? (5)

16 In which city is com­poser Chopin buried? (5) 17 What are baby seals? (4)

20 Which make of trans­par­ent soap has hardly changed in content in over 200 years? (5)

21 Based in Hen­ley-on-Thames, which am­a­teur row­ing club is the world’s old­est? (7)

22 In mo­tor rac­ing, com­peti­tors must not pass oth­ers while what colour flag is show­ing? (6) 23 Mean­ing “jump­ing flea”, from where does the word ukulele come? (6)


1 When first pub­lished in 1810, which rhyme was a rid­dle, the an­swer be­ing “an egg”? (6,6)

2 What is a tem­po­rary en­camp­ment for sol­diers or moun­taineers? (7)

3 Ham­let’s fa­ther’s ghost was de­scribed with a coun­te­nance more in sorrow than in what? (5) 4 Med­i­cally speak­ing, what is a dead body? (7) 5 What is a bowler hat known as in the US? (5) 8 What sep­a­rates Aus­tralia from New Guinea? (6,6) 9 A cha­rango is a small An­dean gui­tar tra­di­tion­ally made from the shell of a what? (9)

14 What is a wa­ter­tight cham­ber in which un­der­wa­ter con­struc­tion work can be car­ried out? (7)

15 On what would you find a gno­mon? (7)

18 What bird ap­pears on the coat of arms of Ger­many? (5)

19 Which coun­try is the world’s largest ex­porter of frogs’ legs? (5)

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