2019: My year of be­ing pos­i­tive

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WEL­COME to 2019.

The chance to make those new year’s res­o­lu­tions that most of us won’t keep; lose weight, get a bet­ter job, stress less, travel more, drink less – you know the drill. This year I have de­cided to break away from my nor­mal 20-year-old res­o­lu­tion of los­ing weight and walk­ing ev­ery day and take a long look back and re­flect on what I have ac­com­plished through­out 2018. Mov­ing for­ward, I will prac­tise the art of be­ing grate­ful, be­ing pos­i­tive and not sec­ond guess­ing my­self.

All those who know me well, know I am a glass nearly empty sort of per­son. I have a knack at look­ing at the what ifs and whys. My hus­band of­ten refers to it as the Shan­non ge­netic make up and, know­ing my fam­ily, he’s prob­a­bly not far off the truth.

I have al­ways found if I am on the look­out for what could and prob­a­bly will go wrong, I will have time to pre­pare for it. It does serve me well work­ing in sales as I al­ways have a back-up plan, but when it comes to the art of ac­tu­ally liv­ing, it’s not a great card to have.

2018 was, if noth­ing else, a great teacher. It taught me your heart al­ways has room for an­other grand­child; the Gran­ite Belt is cen­tre of the uni­verse, an un­tapped gem and a com­mu­nity that will rise to the chal­lenges that may be ly­ing in wait; I am not al­ways right when it comes to story choices for the pa­per; I apol­o­gise and sec­ond guess my­self way too much and I am ca­pa­ble of so much more than I thought and, fi­nally, no mat­ter how old you are, you never stop learn­ing.

Armed with my 2018 in­for­ma­tion, I find march­ing into 2019 is an ex­cit­ing prospect. This year I am not pre­dict­ing doom and gloom, I am not look­ing for a backup plan, I’m even think­ing of ditch­ing the words what if and but.

I have de­cided this year is the year of chang­ing the Shan­non gene and the year of on­wards and up­wards

But, if you find me writ­ing some­thing neg­a­tive in the next few months, you will know I ended up go­ing with the 21 years of my new year’s res­o­lu­tions, the los­ing weight and walk­ing ev­ery day sce­nario.

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