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I CONCUR with He­len Ran­dall (Stir­ling Times, ‘Fore­shore trip haz­ard warn­ing’, May 29).

The skate bowl is a haz­ard for el­derly and small chil­dren.

If the same sized hole was any­where else in the com­mu­nity, it would be deemed a safety haz­ard.

Even if on pri­vate prop­erty. I would ex­pect the City of Stir­ling to ap­ply all its bu­reau­cratic by­laws en­forc­ing bar­ri­ers, sig­nage, witches hats, etc to be on dis­play.

The re­sponse by the spokes­woman from the MRA was very lame. It was like a pub­lic re­la­tions state­ment from a pro­mo­tional brochure and did not re­ally ad­dress the safety con­cerns raised.

Like­wise, if the City of Stir­ling has not had any com­ments from the pub­lic about the skate bowl be­ing un­safe for pedes­tri­ans, why have they put up ugly, inad­e­quate, wob­bly tem­po­rary fenc­ing around the skate bowl?

I would also like to raise the is­sue of the lack of safety ropes and har­nesses at the climb­ing wall. What if some­one were to fall and break a limb?

I haven't seen any warn­ing or disclaimer signs erected.

On a lighter note, if the de­vel­op­ers are won­der­ing what hap­pened to the bougainvil­lea plants that were planted at the sun shel­ters, the Scar­bor­ough Beach rab­bit colony has eaten them.


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