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Hope for tumour treatment


A NOLLAMARA girl is the first patient in Australia and New Zealand enrolled in a clinical trial offering hope to children with tumours caused by neurofibro­matosis.

Madisen Sotirovska, 6, has neurofibro­matosis 1, which is a genetic condition that causes tumours, both benign and cancerous, to grow along nerves anywhere in the body.

Madisen has a benign plexiform neurofibro­ma growing from the nerve roots on the left side of her lumbar spine that causes painful issues with nerve function.

Her mother Angela said neurofibro­matosis was a difficult condition to live with because of the uncertaint­y around when tumours might grow and how they would affect her daughter.

“Madison currently has tumours growing on her thigh and one on the joints outside of her spine which is causing significan­t pain, together with weakness in her left leg,” Mrs Sotirovska said.

Perth Children’s Hospital is one of several hospitals across Australia and NZ taking part in the TiNT MEK Inhibitor clinical trial that aimed to reduce tumour growth caused by neurofibro­matosis type 1.

Oncologist Tom Walwyn said the drug being studied in the trial, Trametinib, had been used to treat melanoma and other cancers in adults.

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