Stirling Times

Childcare centre approval

- Nadia Budihardjo

A CHILDCARE facility has been approved on a busy local street with traffic from a nearby shopping complex.

The Metro Inner-North Joint Developmen­t Assessment Panel unanimousl­y approved Tonic Holdings’ proposal for a two-storey childcare facility at the intersecti­on of Waterloo and Royal streets on Monday.

The $2.2 million developmen­t will be built near Osborne Shopping Centre, Osborne Park Hotel and a community hub.

The City of Stirling received four submission­s during the public consultati­on period, all objecting to the proposal due to increased traffic and congestion on a local road.

“When these type of developmen­ts are put forward, there always is some concerns from local residents,” Cr David Boothman said.

“Any additional traffic generated by this proposal, I should imagine, would be minimal in respect to the traffic that is already heavy in that location.”

Stewart Urban Planning director Alan Stewart, presenting on behalf of the applicant, said the design was consistent with the character of the area.

“The site is ideal for the childcare centre,” he said.

“(It’s an) important land use, it allows people to return to the workforce especially for a suburb like Tuart Hill.”

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