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WHEN Beethoven passed away, he was buried in a grave­yard on the grounds of the lo­cal church. A few days later, the town drunk was walk­ing through the ceme­tery and heard some strange noises em­a­nat­ing from Beethoven’s grave. Ter­ri­fied, he ran and got the pri­est. “Fa­ther, come quickly!” he cried.

The pri­est fol­lowed the drunk out to the grave. There he bent close to the ground, and heard what sounded like faint, strange-sound­ing mu­sic com­ing from the grave. Fright­ened, the pri­est ran and got the town mag­is­trate.

When the mag­is­trate ar­rived, he bent his ear to the grave, lis­tened for a mo­ment, and said: “Why, that’s Beethoven’s Ninth Sym­phony, but it’s be­ing played back­wards!” He lis­tened a while longer. “And now it’s the Eighth Sym­phony, and it’s back­wards too!”

Amazed, the three men lis­tened a long time to the sounds com­ing from the grave. As time went by, the mag­is­trate iden­ti­fied more of the back­wards mu­sic: “There’s the Sev­enth Sym­phony... the Sixth... the Fifth... the Fourth...”

By now, a huge crowd had gath­ered around the grave, trans­fixed by what was hap­pen­ing. Even­tu­ally, the mag­is­trate got up and ad­dressed the crowd. “My fel­low ci­ti­zens,” he an­nounced. “I’ve fi­nally worked out the mean­ing of all this. There’s noth­ing to worry about. It’s just Beethoven de­com­pos­ing.”

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