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JUST read­ing the ar­ti­cle about crate mo­tors in the May is­sue. The range Shafiroff of­fers in both their cu­bic-inch and power op­tions seems almost im­pos­si­ble for any Aus­tralian builder to match for price and com­po­nent qual­ity.

But it’s easy to be caught out. For ex­am­ple, the Shafiroff web­site fea­tures the 632ci Twisted SR20 with 1050hp and 895ft-lb for US$19,950 – I can’t imag­ine any lo­cal builders match­ing that ca­pac­ity and power on the shy side of $30K. But hang on: shipping, ex­change rate, im­port tax, GST, etc – by the time you com­mit to buy that $19,950 en­gine from Amer­ica, how much will it re­ally cost by time it’s in your drive­way?

You briefly touched on the shipping topic with air freight be­ing around AU$3000, but what about the ex­change rate? How much would im­port duty and GST be? How about do­ing a story on all the ex­act ins and outs of im­port­ing a fancy crate mo­tor from the States? It would cer­tainly be of great in­ter­est to many of your read­ers.

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