A ’65 Mus­tang de­signed to cut it with the finest pro tour­ing cars on the planet

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WE’VE had guys build street ma­chines us­ing plenty of cut­tingedge race car tech­nol­ogy and in­flu­ence, but none have done it to quite the same level as Vi­cious, the sil­ver-and-grey ’65 Mus­tang fast­back on these pages. It packs a mod­ern quad-cam V8 in­flated by a su­per­charger as well as two 68mm tur­bos, plus it has a pad­dleshifted se­quen­tial trans­mis­sion, cen­tre­lock wheels, data-log­ging, car­bon-ce­ramic brakes, in­de­pen­dent rear sus­pen­sion and a wild aero­dy­nam­ics pack­age to boot!

Time­less Kus­toms in Ca­mar­illo, Cal­i­for­nia, is the shop re­spon­si­ble for this mad­ness, con­struct­ing Vi­cious with the aim of tak­ing on the best pro tour­ing beasts in Amer­ica.

“The con­cept for Vi­cious just came out of my head,” says Time­less Kus­toms boss­man Ja­son Pe­ciko­nis. “I want to win the Op­tima Ul­ti­mate Street Car In­vi­ta­tional in 2017, as I’ve had some cus­tomers take their cars in it but they were al­ways com­pro­mised by be­ing more street cars than all-out race cars. So I found Chris, a client of mine who wanted a build that was more race car than street car.”

Owner Chris Marechal takes up the story. “This is the sec­ond ’65 fast­back that I com­mis­sioned Time­less Kus­toms for. I knew it was go­ing to SEMA 2016 and I wanted to chal­lenge Ja­son. We were search­ing to push the bound­aries of street-le­gal, track­ready cars, plus we wanted to be dis­rup­tive at SEMA and pull a lot of at­ten­tion, as it was both Ja­son and my first time there.”

Time­less ac­tu­ally started with a brand new ’65 Mus­tang coupe shell from Dy­na­corn, widen­ing, low­er­ing and chan­nelling the metal into the form you now see here, in­clud­ing the mean un­der-car aero pack­age. One com­po­nent cen­tral to that is the large dif­fuser hang­ing out the back of the car, suck­ing it to the road at speed and giv­ing it an edge over tra­di­tional pro tour­ers that re­tain stan­dard

body­work and then have to over­come a lack of cor­ner­ing grip.

One thing Vi­cious will never be short of is horse­power, with a su­per­charged and twin-tur­bocharged 5.1-litre Ford Aluminator quad-cam V8 up front that has copped a bru­tal amount of work. Time­less Kus­toms had Dar­ton build them some cus­tom cylin­der sleeves to han­dle all the boost, while a Ford Per­for­mance Boss 302 forged crank, cus­tom Man­ley 2618 forged pis­tons and 300M Pro Se­ries I-beam con­rods round out the block. The heads are from the new GT350R Shelby Mus­tang track mon­ster, a light­weight 525hp cor­ner­carv­ing brute pow­ered by a 5.2-litre V8 with a flat-plane crank and 8200rpm red­line, co­de­named ‘Voodoo’.

These were Cnc-ported be­fore Time­less jammed in Man­ley Nex­tek springs and Comp Cams up­graded bump­sticks, and a 90mm throt­tle­body on top to swal­low the 26-28psi of boosted charge-air from a twin-charge set-up that com­prises not just a Mag­nu­son TVS2300 su­per­charger but a pair of Pre­ci­sion 6466 ball-bear­ing tur­bos. The car has an es­ti­mated out­put of over 1000hp at the wheels on E85, and near-in­stan­ta­neous power at any point of the rev range.

Aussie com­pany MOTEC sup­plied the brains for the whole she­bang, just like they do for V8 Su­per­cars and count­less other pro­fes­sional race se­ries around the globe. This in­cludes the CDI spark box and colour dash dis­play, data-log­ger and other su­per-trick stuff like trac­tion con­trol and ABS brak­ing – it even han­dles shift­ing the se­quen­tial trans­mis­sion.

Rather than a shift-kit­ted au­to­matic or reg­u­lar man­ual gear­box with some fancy straight-cut or dog-en­gage­ment gears, Vi­cious uses an EMCO CG46 six-speed se­quen­tial trans­mis­sion with pad­dle shifters, mounted via a Quick­time bell­hous­ing and a cus­tom Cen­ter­force Road/race Dyad twin-plate clutch.

The base of the build ac­tu­ally started with an Art Mor­ri­son chas­sis, off which Time­less Kus­toms fit­ted cur­rent­gen­er­a­tion Corvette front sus­pen­sion and all-alu­minium cra­dles to hold the main un­der­car­riage com­po­nents. Del­rin bushes were se­lected to keep de­flec­tion to a min­i­mum, at the ex­pense of ride qual­ity – we told you this is a race car!

Out back, an AME multi-link in­de­pen­dent rear sus­pen­sion cra­dle was given the nod, with one of Strange En­gi­neer­ing’s 9.75-inch alu­minium in­de­pen­dent diffs cho­sen to han­dle the mo­tor’s huge power and torque. That cen­tre-mem­ber fea­tures 3.73 gears for a solid mix of bru­tal ac­cel­er­a­tion and sky­high top speed.

Ride­tech sup­plied cus­tom-rate coil springs as well as a quar­tet of its trick triple-ad­justable shock ab­sorbers, which were cus­tom-valved for Time­less. The sus­pen­sion is rounded out with a steer­ing rack by Wood­ward that will al­low far bet­ter turn­ing than the Mus­tang’s orig­i­nal soggy box set-up.

Be­hind the cus­tom cen­tre-lock 19x12 and 19x14 Forge­line wheels are huge brakes that are no­table not just for their size but what they’re made out of: car­bon! Just like all the top hy­per­cars and race spe­cials, Vi­cious runs car­bon-ce­ramic ro­tors span­ning 394mm, clamped by Brembo six­pis­ton and four-pis­ton calipers re­spec­tively.

“This has so much more tech­nol­ogy in it than an or­di­nary street/track car and is re­ally a state-of-the-art race car,” Ja­son ex­plains. “It’s all steel with alu­minium sub-frames, but it is also road-reg­is­tered and will be both road-raced and run in stand­ing-mile events.”

“We built it to take on the track, even though it is a gor­geous build,” proud owner Chris says. “We will au­tocross it, mile-race it, time-at­tack it – we will use this thing in 2017! My back­ground is real es­tate and I thought I was re­tired, but I think I found a new pas­sion.”


BODY: Time­less Kus­toms’ Brian Wil­son, Zach Ful­mer, Josh Fad­gen and Mac Salter sweated on get­ting all the de­tails on the car cor­rect be­fore a cus­tom PPG mix called Vi­cious Sil­ver Ti­ta­nium was laid down by Ja­son over the widened, re­in­forced shell. The...


WHEELS: “The car has Forge­line GT3C wheels mea­sur­ing 19x12 on the front and 19x14 on the rear, but we have race-style cen­tre­lock fas­ten­ers,” Ja­son says. “Plus Vi­cious uses the Kumho Ec­sta V720 tyre as used on Dodge’s road/race­spec Viper ACR, which...

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