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THE Yanks will barely know what’s hit them when Jamie Farmer’s XH Fal­con ute shows up for Hot Rod Drag Week in Septem­ber. Dubbed the Dirty Bird, this Toowoomba-built mon­ster is a sleeper and a half – that is, as long as Jamie leaves the tarp on and the cover over the pair of 69mm Borgwarner tur­bos mounted be­hind the cab.

“I think the Amer­i­cans will love the Bird,” Jamie tells us. “They don’t have utes over there, and ap­par­ently they like ’em!”

As SM read­ers may re­call, Jamie fea­tured in our pages in May 2007 with his old nine-sec­ond, twin-turbo Wind­sor-pow­ered Capri streeter, and again in May 2009 with his twin-turbo Bbc-pow­ered Mus­tang. But the Dirty Bird is some­thing else.

“We built this car in a few months,” Jamie says. “The whole idea was to make it look like any­body could do it. Even the fab work on it; I just got the ap­pren­tices at work to do it, so that way some­one would look at it and go: ‘Shit, I can do that!’

“Even though the car has got some nice bits in it, we’ve spent a bit of time on it and used some sec­ond-hand parts and it only owes us about 20 grand. It’s al­ready gone an 8.70 and it’ll eas­ily go into the sev­ens.”

The mo­tor is a sec­ond-hand 383-cube LS stro­ker with the afore­men­tioned tur­bos. It runs on E85 and is mak­ing over 1000hp no sweat. It’s got a Pow­er­glide and the 8.8-inch diff out of Jamie’s Mus­tang, while an MS3PRO ECU con­trols the show.

Jamie has only taken it out to the track twice, where it has made con­stant gains, cul­mi­nat­ing in a best run of 8.72@158mph.

“We’re only run­ning it on 21 pounds of boost and it’s a re­ally soft tune, and it’s do­ing it easy,” Jamie says.

Aside from try­ing to show that any­one can do it, another big rea­son for Jamie build­ing the ute is as a test mule and rolling ad­ver­tise­ment for his bur­geon­ing per­for­mance parts busi­ness, En­e­mies Ev­ery­where.

“With En­e­mies Ev­ery­where, we’re do­ing things like bead­locks, re­luc­tor wheels, and a re­ally nice anti-roll­bar sys­tem, which the Dirty Bird has got on it,” he ex­plains. “So ba­si­cally this is a prod­uct de­vel­op­ment ve­hi­cle for En­e­mies Ev­ery­where. The anti-roll­bar sys­tem is re­ally unique and re­ally well made. We tested it on the car and when we were happy with it, we put it on the mar­ket. And the ARBS we make have gone berserk; ac­tu­ally, we’re sell­ing shit­loads of them over in the States as well as Aus­tralia.”

Need­less to say, Jamie is look­ing to Drag Week as a chance to mix busi­ness with plea­sure.

“We’re ba­si­cally send­ing the Dirty Bird over for a bit of fun and to push our En­e­mies Ev­ery­where prod­ucts,” he says. “I’m run­ning it in the Small-block Power-adder class, which is capped at 8.50, so I want to run as close to 8.50 as I can. But when it fin­ishes do­ing Drag Week in Amer­ica it’s do­ing Street Ma­chine Drag Chal­lenge, where it will run sev­ens.”


The ute re­mains un­tubbed and is fit­ted with 275 ra­di­als, as is Jamie’s pref­er­ence dat­ing right back to his ni­nesec­ond Capri. “I’ve been run­ning ra­di­als since around 2003 and I don’t think any­one was run­ning them in Aus­tralia be­fore that,” he says....

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