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I THOUGHT I would give you guys some feed­back on your cover­age of Hot Rod Drag Week (street­ma­ What you man­aged to achieve with a small team was ex­cel­lent in al­low­ing us to see the sights and sounds of the week. I loved the footage of the rac­ing by Hot Rod mag­a­zine, but hav­ing your footage of cars be­ing fixed, trav­el­ling in the Aussie Chev­elle, or just look­ing at the com­peti­tors’ cars in the mid­dle of the night, gave me the feel­ing of be­ing there and a true sense of the event that every­one talks about.

Go­ing for­ward, I have a few ques­tions and sug­ges­tions. Are you guys hop­ing to de­liver con­tent on Street Ma­chine Drag Chal­lenge in a sim­i­lar way, to pro­vide that viewer-is-there ex­pe­ri­ence? I know this is a bit out there, but have you guys thought of ap­proach­ing Hot Rod’s Dave Freiburger to come over for Drag Chal­lenge to be part of the ac­tion? It would al­low view­ers, es­pe­cially in the USA, who watch Dave to be ex­posed to Drag Chal­lenge.

Have you thought of ex­pand­ing the so­cial me­dia of the Summernats? I would love to see the sto­ries of peo­ple in Tuff Street, an in-car ex­pe­ri­ence of the Su­per­cruise, or one of the guys just show­ing a day at the Summernats.

Well, that’s my two cents; keep up the great work! An­drew Galle­hawk, email

HEY mate, thanks for the kind words. We’ll def­i­nitely be bring­ing you all the ac­tion from Drag Chal­lenge on street­ma­ There are whis­pers of some­one from the Road­kill crew at­tend­ing Drag Chal­lenge one day; we’d be stoked if it hap­pens!

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