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STREET Out­laws TV stars Farmtruck and AZN smacked their freshly built Chevy short­bed into the burnout pad wall on the first day of Summernats and in­stantly lit up Street Ma­chine’s Facebook pag.

Wes­ley Nun­yas – Wel­come to Aus­tralia, where ev­ery­thing bites.

Greg Brewer – Well they are more used to do­ing their burnouts nudged up against a wall, give ’em points for smash­ing both sides though!

Brad Flem­ing – Maybe they should stick to do­ing static burnouts and leave the real burnout to those that know best! Ja­son Quinn – Driv­ing on the wrong side of the pad, mate.

Chris Miller – Good on them. They ob­vi­ously were here to have fun and they seemed to be do­ing that. From videos I’ve seen plenty of clas­sic Aussie cars are ham­mered against walls or set on fire. I hope they come back.

David Bar­nett – Bet that wasn’t the only skid he did! LOL Mat­tie Bell – Bet the Sep­pos have a dif­fer­ent take on just how much skill is re­quired for a ’Nats-level burnout, ha ha ha. Mint boys, the crowd f--king loved it.

Telly Tsim­bas – Only Aussies and Ki­wis can skid a car like a boss. The rest of the world just wishes they can skid like us. Not as easy as it looks, hey boys?

Rock Caleb – Not so skil­ful on the pad. Great at­ti­tude, though. Awe­some to see them down here hav­ing a few laughs.

Tim Shep­herd – That’s why us Aussies are the kings of burnouts.

Dave Pearce – Great to see these guys spread­ing our sport world­wide!!! Casper Ben­nett – See­ing this just makes me miss Summernats so bad. I need to be there. Ash Tasker – Note to self: Don’t take your Chev on the pad. Gary Dren­nan – Go hard or go home. These guys did both. Good on ’em. Jeff Wer­schkull – Another Summernats bad luck story. Hats off to them for hav­ing a go. Tim Boomer Olle – ‘Un­der­steer’ is when you hit the fence with the front of the car. ‘Over­steer’ is when you hit the fence with the rear of the car. ‘Horse­power’ is how fast you hit the fence. ‘Torque’ is how far you take the fence with you. Jamie Lewis – At least they gave it a go. Now come back big­ger and bet­ter next year. Steve Court­ney – They need some lessons on how to steer from the rear. Daniel Samp­son – All the gear... no idea! Dave Lock­ett – Needs a few Coles car park lessons.

Glenn Den­nis – I guess he’s been drag rac­ing too long and for­got how to turn the steer­ing wheel. Michael Cini – They’ve come to have fun FFS, give them a break. Good on them for giv­ing it a go! Rob Moore – Def­i­nitely looks like a farm truck now! Keep smil­ing, boys. Jett El­lisjuan – White men can’t jump... and Yanks can’t do burnouts. Michael Lau­rence – Best Amer­i­can burnout I’ve ever seen. Matt Spencer – Couldn’t drive a greasy stick up a dog’s arse.

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