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WE LINKED to a Wheels mag ar­ti­cle on the in­tro­duc­tion of full-sized Amer­i­can pick-ups like the Chevy Sil­ver­ado and RAM 1500 and 3500 to Aus­tralia, and posed the ques­tion: will these mega Yan­kee trucks take off here? Ash­ley Pope – Only stu­pid­ity says “yes”. Too big for our roads and car parks… guz­zle fuel that costs three times as much as ’Murica... the price... Watch all the try­hards buy one so they can be big-time and tell all how much it cost. Van­ity wins.

Mark Brum­field – As long as the prices are so over the top they will never make an im­pact in the Aussie mar­ket. Greed will al­ways re­sult in poor sales. Mathew Sam­mut – They will, but only when the build them in RHD from the fac­tory so we don’t have a $30/40K con­ver­sa­tion cost. Corey Sin­clair – The only thing that’s too big is the price tag.

Glenn Cor­bett – Ev­ery­one com­ment­ing about the price, the banks own most of your cars any­way. Frank Coniglio – Of course they’ll take off; Aus­tralia is the new Amer­ica. Nick De Ruiter – Hell yes, just dou­ble-park ev­ery­where. Ben Walker – They will sell. The car­a­van and horse float peo­ple will gob­ble them up. Shaun Lachs – Man, the wankers in Ade­laide can’t drive a f--king Yaris on the road prop­erly. Please don’t give any f--kers here a set of keys to one of those death traps! Jon Mitchell – They’re cool in the coun­try. Just keep the city boy posers away from them. Driv­ing is al­ready too hard for those mup­pets. Chris­tian Bruns – Why would you pay $150K for a $65K truck sold in the States? Ranger Wild­traks are $65K and there are thou­sands on the road. They would sell plenty here if the price was right. There is a rea­son why they sell one of these trucks ev­ery minute in the States.

Jack Nixon – Price of fuel would need to come down so you can af­ford to drive the bloody things.

An­drew Rees – F--king oath they will take off, es­pe­cially with the govern­ment’s new laws on GCM up­grades ef­fec­tively mak­ing it im­pos­si­ble to up­grade the GCM of a new car. The new Dodge 1500 can tow 4500kg, and for around the same price as a dual-cab Land Cruiser that will only tow 3500. Robert Shep­herd – Start­ing to see a few get­ting around. Dol­lar for dol­lar, they’re far bet­ter value than a Land Cruiser. Matt van de Ven – I have a 200 Se­ries Cruiser and I’d buy one of these over a Cruiser any day for tow­ing, but the cost is just too much. And way bet­ter than the dual-cabs with pissy en­gines that we have avail­able now. Mark Wil­son – I take it you buy one of these when your dick’s so small a Ranger or Hilux doesn’t make it seem big­ger. Lin­ton Hew­son – Seems great un­til you have to park it any­where in a city. I have to climb out the win­dow of my Colorado as it is! Aaron Holtz – Do they throw a fac­tory steplad­der into the deal to get your tools out of the back at work? Matt Vk – “Top of the line in util­ity sports, Un­ex­plained fires are a mat­ter for the courts.” Craig Mac­don­ald – Over­priced, over­rated, poor fin­ish, poor econ­omy, out­dated mo­tors, out­dated sus­pen­sion. Glen Snelling – I don’t give a f--k, I just want one. Scott Wicks – All I see is fu­ture ar­ti­fi­cial reefs.

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