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LEWIS Cromey is a young bloke with a lot of style. He’s been cruis­ing around in this well-worn, su­per-cool and very low XM Fal­con ute since he first got his li­cence. Usu­ally, that means there’s a lit­tle guid­ance and as­sis­tance from a more ex­pe­ri­enced per­son, and that’s def­i­nitely the case with Lewis, as his dad Alas­dair usu­ally parks his even cooler and even lower ’55 F100 right next to Lewis’s XM when they go out cruis­ing. Born in the UK, Lewis came over here pretty young, so he even sounds like a proper Aussie now. Tell us a bit about your dad. He was a spray painter and panel beater back in the UK and bought an Anglia 105E when he was 14. He put a Rover V8 in it, but that wasn’t fast enough, so he put a small-block Chev in it. It ended up with a full chas­sis and ran nines and was the quick­est street car in the UK back in the 90s. He’s had the F100 for 25 years and it used to be the tow car for the Anglia. He’s a truck driver now. What made you de­cide on an early Fal­con for a first car? I was in the truck go­ing to work with Dad and he asked me: “What kind of car do you want to get?” A Fal­con is cheap op­tion for hav­ing an old car, so I put a wanted ad in Gumtree for a Fal­con ute. A few days later some­one rang me and I bought the car for $600. I was 14. What kind of con­di­tion was it in? It was buried in the back of a shed, up­side down on a ro­tis­serie. The guy’s son had stripped all the paint off it ex­cept for the bon­net and left wing [there’s still a bit of

English­man left in Lewis, it ap­pears!]. It had barely any rust ex­cept for the sur­face rust on the bare metal. Funny, it still looks like it came straight out of a shed, yet it’s had a full re­spray? We fixed up what we needed but even left some of the dents in it. We painted it primer red and then Color­bond Eu­ca­lypt Green, which isn’t an ex­act match for the orig­i­nal paint colour but pretty close. Then we rubbed through the paint where it would have nat­u­rally worn through along the top edges. The grille is a bit of a talk­ing point. It’s a Cana­dian Fal­con grille and they’re re­ally rare. They’re about $1000 on ebay, but I found this on a Face­book group for early Fal­cons. The guy’s brother had died and he hated hit, so I got it for $100! Tell us about the driv­e­line. It’s got a 289, a $100 C4 and a nine-inch in it. It orig­i­nally had stock heads with an Edel­brock in­take and 600 vac-sec Hol­ley and was a nice cruiser, but it’s now got Edel­brock heads and a pretty big cam. It’s a bit over­the-top now; it’s run a 13.7 over the quar­ter. Since we took the pho­tos, you’ve sold the ute. What’s next? I’ve got a ’59 Chev Park­wood wagon on the wa­ter. From the pho­tos, it looks pretty good; it’s a run­ning and driving car and all orig­i­nal. No doubt you’ve got plans for it? The guy that found it for me has got a bolt-in airbag kit for it; he’s go­ing to freshen the mo­tor as well. It’s got quite a nice patina and is orange with a white roof.


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