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QUICK ques­tion: Is there a po­lit­i­cal lobby group that has been put to­gether to put some vot­ing pres­sure on politi­cians on both a state and fed­eral level to hear the voices of the car en­thu­si­asts in this coun­try? When I say en­thu­si­asts, I am talk­ing ev­ery­one – hot rod­ders, rat rod­ders, cus­tom guys, the whole damn she­bang! If not, why the hell not? I’ve never seen a sit­u­a­tion in a democ­racy where the voices of the many get drowned out by the few, which con­stantly hap­pens here when it comes to any­thing re­lated to a car or bike not con­sid­ered to be stock!

We all know how many car and bike en­thu­si­asts there are in this coun­try, and if we could all speak with one voice through a fo­cussed and pow­er­ful po­lit­i­cal lobby group to bring sen­si­ble, not out­ra­geous changes to the ta­ble, then we may well find our­selves in a sit­u­a­tion where our voices are fi­nally heard, rather than get­ting con­stantly shafted and just ac­cept­ing it while we whinge in our beer.

The one thing ev­ery­one knows politi­cians care most about is their own ar­ses, which are kept in­tact by lis­ten­ing to the peo­ple who they be­lieve will bring them the most votes. So ask your­self: How many votes could the car and bike en­thu­si­asts de­liver to a po­lit­i­cal party if we voted as a block across the coun­try for the party that had the smarts to sit down and lis­ten to us for once?

This isn’t rocket sci­ence here, peo­ple; if we want change we have to force change, and a well-fo­cussed po­lit­i­cal lobby group is how you ef­fect le­gal change in a democ­racy!

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