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OUR FRIENDS at Wheels mag­a­zine put up an ar­ti­cle about a BA Fal­con that’d had some pretty se­ri­ous cos­metic work un­der­taken for a very unique look. The owner chose to throw the Fal­con front and rear pan­els in the bin and re­place them with Mus­tang – yep, Mus­tang – pan­els in­stead, for a con­ver­sion we’ve never seen be­fore. At first glance the front looks just like a Mus­tang, un­til you look a bit deeper to find this ‘pony car’ has four doors and an as­pi­rated Barra un­der the bon­net. Re­gard­less of what you may think of it, clearly a lot of time and ef­fort has been put into it (why, we don’t know). We de­cided this wacky con­coc­tion needed to be taken to the peo­ple, so we posted it on our Face­book page. Here’s some of the re­sponses we got.

Marc Chip­pin­dall – Hats off to the guy who built it. Yeah, it’s not to ev­ery­one’s taste, but it’s dif­fer­ent and harks back to the cus­toms of old, like Jig­saw and the like. At least he’s done some­thing dif­fer­ent other than a bodykit and set of rims like most peo­ple seem to do and call it a built car. This is a built car.

Adam Phillips – The ex­tent peo­ple will go to im­prove the safety ANCAP rat­ing of a Mus­tang. LOL. Shane Scott – Should have used an AU, at least then it would have been an im­prove­ment. Matty Hayes – All that time and ef­fort to make a turd look even worse. Dar­ryl Wild­bore – Isn’t that like putting a Chev badge on a Com­modore? Paul Barsby – The pedes­tri­ans would be so con­fused. Do I run for my life or jump in think­ing it’s a taxi? Mark Wil­son – Not a fan of the rear; front looks good though. Micka Im­rie – Needs a wagon ver­sion. Draw it up Street Ma­chine. An­drew Phillips – I like the front, but the back isn’t that flash. Norm Cottman – Wish we could turn our Mus­tangs into Fal­cons. Varouj Di­la­nian – Not a fan of the wheels nor the in­te­rior but I still like it! Cameron Tom­lin­son – Now it’s got to crash into a crowd of peo­ple, oth­er­wise it’s not the real deal. Craig Shillinglaw – Well, this goes be­yond putting a badge on a car. Haha. Chris Benn – Looks fan­tas­tic, suits the sedan lines very well. Telfo, which is­sue is it go­ing to be fea­tured in?

Nick Silva – Al­most as ugly as that HQ Mus­tang that was do­ing the rounds a few years back. Greg Perkins – Dress for the body you have, not the body you want. Jayde A Ri­ley – The ic­ing on the cake would be an LS swap. Bruno Hakalugi – It’s still a Fal­con. Blayneb Jack­son – Fi­nally a de­cent Mus­tang. Bryce Con­sta­ble – It’s ac­tu­ally not too bad. I like it.

Kerry Koko­tis – Could have bought a new ’Stang for the dol­lars tipped into this.

Zo­ran Prole – Please don’t kill the Mus­tang by do­ing a Fal­con con­ver­sion, it’s just wrong. Don’t get me wrong, they have they their own dif­fer­ent mer­its. Matthew La­mond – What a hor­ri­ble way to ruin a per­fectly good Fal­con.

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