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SADLY, the Aussie-made Fal­con has been miss­ing from our show­rooms for over two years now, and Ford will soon be re­plac­ing the Fal­con V8 Su­per­car with the cur­rent Mus­tang. As re­ported by our friends at Wheels, Ford un­veiled the new shape at a test a month or so ago in Queens­land, and due to the two-door ’Stang body need­ing to fit the Su­per­cars con­trol chas­sis (which is de­signed for four-door sedans), the end re­sult is a pretty funky one. We posted pics of it on our so­cials to see what SM fans would make of the Franken­stang.

John Up­ton – I’m not a Ford fan, but it still looks bet­ter than the new Com­modore.

Ge­off Hughes – You guys might like to know that all Ford has done is stretch the Mus­tang body over the ex­ist­ing car. En­gine, gear­box and diff are the same as the Fords run­ning this year.

Kevin Mcdon­nell – The body had to fit around the ex­ist­ing Car Of The Fu­ture floor­pan and rollcage. That’s why the roof is high and the wheel­base is stretched.

An­thony de Jonge – A ’Stang with a sting. John Sut­ton – I like the con­cept but damn, that liv­ery looks atro­cious.

Beau Ful­ton – Peo­ple seem to want to mock this car for be­ing en­tered but I won­der what those same peo­ple would say if Aus­tralian motorsport sim­ply de­cides to cease rac­ing be­cause the man­u­fac­tur­ers shut down. Su­per­cars is sim­ply try­ing to evolve and stay alive for us, the motorsport fans, but go right ahead and con­tinue to mock Ford and GM for us­ing the only V8 op­tions avail­able to them from their man­u­fac­tur­ing plants to keep it alive – or bet­ter yet, keep threat­en­ing to stop watch­ing Aus­tralian motorsport and then see what hap­pens, see how many peo­ple bitch and moan about be­ing stuck watch­ing F1 and NASCAR. Rus Tay­lor – Ab­so­lutely. It’s like the peo­ple who still pine over the 70s and the glory days of “win on Sun­day, sell on Mon­day”. Those days are gone, deal with it al­ready. Damian Robins – Will it race against a (Holden) Aca­dia?

Eric Gale – Tell me that the rear spoiler is a joke; surely there is a bet­ter-look­ing pack­age some­where in the uni­verse?

An­drew Ste­wart – You can ei­ther make it bet­ter look­ing or can make it han­dle bet­ter and go faster. Shane An­der­son – Mon­deostang! Robert Adams – Are the pro­por­tions all out of whack to fit the Fal­con chas­sis? Josh Ben­nis – You mean the Car Of The Fu­ture chas­sis. Troy Dim­itrov – How many spec­ta­tors is it go­ing to crash into? Rod Maberly – As one bloke said on the Su­per­cars page, it looks like one of those small Aussie Rac­ing Cars. Mike Smith – Looks like a 90s Honda In­te­gra. Adam Ki – No way, the In­te­gra looked good. This is junk. Rob Hack – It’s a two-door Lancer with an Evo wing. Troy Dim­itrov – I nearly spat my cof­fee out when I read this.

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