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1922 FORD MODEL T CEN­TRE-DOOR Class: Tur­bosmart Out­law Blown

AFTER tak­ing the Tur­bosmart Out­law Blown win at Drag Chal­lenge Week­end ear­lier in the year, Noel In­man and his con­stantly wheel­stand­ing ’22 Model T were keen to back it up at DC proper. Un­for­tu­nately, a blown C4 ’box in Mil­dura on Day Three quickly put an end to Noel’s cam­paign due to the time­frame re­quired to col­lect the parts and wield span­ners.

Still, once the ’22 had re­ceived a gear­box trans­plant, Noel headed to Calder on Fri­day to lay some passes. “I’d re­cently put in the new C4 and con­verter, which only made a dozen or so passes be­fore it let go,” he said “Now I’m us­ing the old C4 that’s tried and true, and runs the same num­bers.

“I can dial the car in pretty well – and it’s all me­chan­i­cal. But it was dif­fi­cult to slow the car over the 1000ft, as I wasn’t told what time I needed to keep it un­der,” said Noel of his ‘too-quick-with­out-a-’cage’ [email protected] pass on Day One at Calder.

Yet the T’s sand­bag­ging days may soon be over. “I think I’ll add a rollcage to it, and see how fast it’ll go,” Noel said. “I only use a small 100hp shot of NOS at the mo­ment.”

With the car eas­ily run­ning the 10.5-se­cond IHRA cut-off over the quar­ter, we can’t wait to see what the red TALL T will run un­en­cum­bered.

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