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COREY Ben­ning’s bright blue ’74 TD Cortina turned plenty of heads on Drag Chal­lenge 2018, with the im­mac­u­lately pre­sented sedan chock-full of Ford Barra power. Run­ning in Hal­tech Ra­dial Blown, Corey’s car stood out, with the big four-litre DOHC turbo six al­most ooz­ing out of the en­gine bay. “It wasn’t easy to fit; there was a fair bit in­volved in get­ting the Barra in there,” he said.

Corey picked up the tidy TD four years ago, en­gi­neered with a Clevo V8 and C10, but that combo didn’t last the time. “I hurt the Cleve­land, so I pulled it out,” he said. “I had a Barra there and wanted to see if it fit, which it kind-of did.”

After run­ning a stocker BA mo­tor, Corey turned up to Drag Chal­lenge with a new mill built by Glenn Wells. Pack­ing Man­ley rods, CP pis­tons, TBRE Stage 5 cams, Su­pertech over­size val­ve­train and spicy stuff like fire rings, the Ford donk comes alive cour­tesy of an 88mm Borg­warner push­ing 28psi. On 27psi, the combo made 647rwhp.

“I ba­si­cally gave Glenn the green light and told him to do what all those other Bar­ras get and just left it to him,” Corey laughed.

The car drinks E85, and Corey uses a 100-shot of gas to bring the boost up, with a cus­tom wa­ter-to-air in­ter­cooler since there was no room for an air-to-air ’cooler out front. Be­hind the Barra is a TCE mys­tery con­verter: “I just told them the combo and asked them to build me some­thing for it, and it works great,” he said.

That’s backed by a Reid-case Pow­er­glide built by Paul Rogers, while a nine-inch with 3.25 gears gets the prodi­gious power to the ground, sur­rounded by all-new sus­pen­sion arms lo­cated in stan­dard points.

The lit­tle four-door had run a PB of [email protected] pre­vi­ously, but Corey blew that away on Day Two of DC18. At Swan Hill he ran [email protected], be­fore squeez­ing out an [email protected] late in the day. Un­for­tu­nately, it came at a cost.

“I got to Mil­dura and I heard a mys­tery noise from the en­gine at a cer­tain rpm,” Corey sighed. “We had a look at it and I spoke to my en­gine builder, who thought it sounded like a dam­aged tim­ing chain ten­sioner, so I opted out of rac­ing it at that point.

“It cruised back fine, but I’m too heav­ily in­vested in that mo­tor to risk it. I turn the thing to 9000rpm, so push­ing a sus­pect tim­ing chain ten­sioner would have been risky. Next year I’ll do it again, but I won’t be look­ing after two mates’ cars as well!”

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