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“MY HQ WAS bought new by my aunty from Hunt Holden Lakemba, Syd­ney. After the dev­as­tat­ing bush­fires in 2013, my cousin was clear­ing trees and a 60-foot tree went the wrong way, land­ing on the HQ. I as­sumed all was lost un­til I called about three years ago to check how bad the dam­age was, and I was sent some pics show­ing only the front was squashed. I re­or­gan­ised the next two days’ work, hired a trailer and within a few hours was on my way to Coon­abarabran. Once back home the resto be­gan; all new guards, a ra­di­a­tor sup­port and nosecone were pur­chased and next thing I knew I was do­ing a full off-chas­sis re­build. A con­di­tion of me get­ting the HQ was that it stayed in the fam­ily, so it was go­ing to be a one-time build. I put in a new 600hp 434, along with a Turbo 400, four-wheel disc brakes and cus­tombuilt nine-inch diff. I did most of the re­build my­self, in­clud­ing the wiring and trim­ming. The new paint is close to the orig­i­nal colour (Russet), but is a bit brighter with some me­tal­lic in it. Two-and-a-half years after pick­ing it up, I had it back on the road. My aunty got to see the HQ live again when I called in to show her back in Jan­uary 2017, on the way to Sum­mer­nats, where I had lots of fun cruis­ing and participat­ed in the burnout comp.” Pho­tos: Steve Kelly

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