Street Machine - - LOL -

A MAN dies and goes to heaven. When he gets to the Pearly Gates, St Peter is wait­ing for him. St Peter says he’s go­ing to re­view the man’s life and then de­cide if he’s wor­thy of heaven.

St Peter looks through the book of this man’s life and says to the man: “Well, you haven’t re­ally sinned, but it doesn’t look like you have done any­thing worth­while ei­ther. Can you give me an in­ci­dent in your life that would make you wor­thy to get into heaven?”

The man replies: “Well, I was driv­ing my truck and I looked over and there was a gang of thugs at­tack­ing a woman. So I stopped my truck, got out and yelled to the thugs: ‘Hey, leave that woman alone! What kind of men are you, beat­ing up on a help­less woman? Let’s see you take on a real man!”

“Well, that was re­ally noble of you,” says St Peter. “And when in your life did this hap­pen?” The man replies: “About 10 min­utes ago.”

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