SHIRLEY Free­man is un­doubt­edly a first-gen Ca­maro ad­dict; she and hubby Greg own no less than five of the cur­va­ceous and sporty Chevro­lets. But this vi­brant, big-cubed ’68, branded SPOILTA, is Shirley’s favourite – and it’s all hers.

So, you kind of like Ca­maros, Shirley?

I’m to­tally in love with first-gen Ca­maros. I love the shape, and they drive fan­tas­tic. We have Greg’s ’69 Ca­maro, ‘Texas Pig’ [SM, Sep ’19], his ’68 His­toric race car and his ’69 Targa car, and then there’s my two ’68s. Gen­er­ally if there’s a Ca­maro for sale around here, peo­ple call Greg to see if we want to buy it.

You have two ’68 Ca­maros?

Yes. My Old Girl, which was built seven years ago, is my daily, and now this one. Old Girl has no air conditioni­ng, so one hot sum­mer day when I men­tioned to Greg that it’d be nice to add cool­ing to the Ca­maro he said it’d be eas­ier to build a new car!

Wow, so how did the build go down?

I had a lot more in­put with this build than the last one. We al­ready had a ’68 shell in the shed that we’d bought lo­cally and it had all of the bits with it. The body was then blasted to see what was there – and also what wasn’t. Thank­fully, it was a good shell. Greg, with help from our panel-beater mate Rob Kite, did a full ro­tis­serie resto, and over­all the build took three years. They also added Wil­wood disc brakes all ’round, DSE front sus­pen­sion and DSE rear leaves.

Nice donk!

I like big-blocks, so Greg looked into the Scott Shafiroff mo­tors and we de­cided on the Chev 540ci Ul­tra Street. Greg let them know that the 540ci was for my car and we didn’t want it too sav­age or ridicu­lous for the street. Be­hind is a TH400 and Moser nine-inch diff.

Did you choose the colour?

Oh yes! Both of my Ca­maros are painted in the same True Red. Greg said that I could pick what­ever colour I wanted and then sug­gested paint­ing it black so that I didn’t have two red ’68 Ca­maros. But I felt that if it was black, then it wasn’t truly my car, so I was go­ing to back away from the whole project. But I won, and I re­ally love the red, as the colour just pops – thanks to painter Aaron ‘Bunga’ Matthews.

Tell us about the SPOILTA plates.

I’ve had them for years; I wanted Spoilt Bitch, as ev­ery­one calls me that, but the de­part­ment wouldn’t let me have those. And as SPOILT was al­ready taken, I brain­stormed with a friend and we came up with SPOILTA, like ‘spoilt, eh’?

What’s next for SPOILTA?

She’s go­ing to be my daily. I’m go­ing to sell Old Girl, as I can’t have two red ’68 Ca­maros! It kills me to sell it, but we can’t drive them all. We do cof­fee and cars events, but mostly it’s just go­ing to the shops, and head­ing out to Bus­sel­ton and Mar­garet River for lunch. I re­ally do en­joy driv­ing it.


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