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LAST month marked 40 years since the first issue of Street Machine (then called Van Wheels & Street Machine, albeit for one issue only) hit the shelves, so we celebrated with a big 244-page issue packed full of our scene’s history. Dominating the cover was the legendary HQFORU giveaway Monaro, a car that always brings up some great memories. Here’s a sample of your feedback, and thanks for sticking with us – we couldn’t have made it through the past four decades without the support of all our dedicated readers.

Rodney Menso – Wow! Never thought I’d see the old girl on the cover again, and to have an amazing feature on Jude’s HER LX in the same issue is mind-blowing! A huge shout-out to Chris Thorogood for his expert camerawork; it was an honour to watch someone so passionate go about his trade. Happy birthday to everyone at Street Machine – here’s to another 40 fat years!

Judith Menso – So honoured to be a feature in this iconic mag’s 40th-anniversar­y issue! Great job to all involved, past and present! Keep up the great work!

Rod Bate – Happy birthday Street Machine. I’ve been buying your awesome mag since I was a 16-year-old kid – I’m now 40.

Mikayla Tutton – My favourite giveaway car ever!

Rory Raymond – I still have all my original Street Machine mags from the 80s.

Tas Mcmillan – With 244 pages, there’s a reason we call it ‘The Bible’! Happy birthday SM!

Tony Elkins – God I’m old. I’ve every issue (I think) going back to Van Wheels.

Howard Bell – Lots of reading and great memories in this edition – great job!

Sketch Coleman – Great edition! Honoured to be included.

Aaron Xrwagon – Got mine this morning. It’s my monthly pilgrimage to the newsagent. Been buying the mag since 1986. So happy and humble to be in the mag for this edition.

Jay Chun Tie – Such an iconic magazine making it to 40! Congratula­tions to all who were involved over the years!

Just_interiors5­7 – I’ve watched other mags come and go over the years, but @streetmach­inemag has stood strong all this time! I came on board as a 12-year-old in the ’93-94 years; been subscribin­g ever since. Happy birthday!

Fry10s – I was literally going through an old mag of 244 pages and thinking, man, I need another one of these. Sooo good.

Blowninjec­ted – Doesn’t seem that long ago that I picked up my 10-year anniversar­y edition.

Rob Lamont – Happy birthday Street Machine! I’m still really proud of my contributi­on way back during the 21st anniversar­y as a Year 10 work experience kid, naming VUFORU in honour of the glorious red machine on the cover here. It was an incredible opportunit­y for a 16-year-old to meet Geoff Seddon, Craig Parker, Mark Arblaster and the rest of the crew working on the mag at that time. I even got to share a byline with Simon Telford (who was just starting with SM at that time), which later helped me get a job writing for 4WD mags. So thanks again Street Machine, and Seddo, for letting some dumb, car-crazed kid leave an (albeit small) fingerprin­t on the history of Australia’s most celebrated motoring publicatio­n. Here’s to many more great years ahead!

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