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“I PURCHASED my ’64 EH in 2003 as an unfinished two-door project, although they really hadn’t done a good job of it. I found a bunch of bog straight away so I removed it all before straighten­ing the body. I conquered all of the body, paint, mechanical and suspension work myself and by 2015 it was finally done. I had a huge grin on that first drive! The EH is running a 186ci bored to 190 cubes, with a Crow cam, head work and twin HR X2 carbies. I’ve added an M20 four-speed and a light-duty Salisbury diff from a VK Commodore. She’s got fourwheel discs, which you can see behind those 16-inch Walkinshaw rims. Inside, I’ve bolted in low-backed 1990 Honda buckets, an HZ GTS console, and rounded it out with a SAAS wheel and gauges. The body is sprayed in Monza Blue; I like the colour on LC GTRS and it really works on a two-door EH. More recently I added the front spoiler, and I reckon it completes the sporty look. I’ve taken her to many meets and shows, including driving interstate to five EJ-EH Holden Nationals and an EH Holden All State Run. Thanks to Craig Walkom for help with engine parts, Bridge Upholstery for trim work and Bridge One Stop Wreckers for many parts from the yard.” Photos: Ashley Roling

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