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HALTECH’S digital dash makes for an awesome addition to any street car or racer, offering boundless customisat­ion and an easyto-read display. The Aussie company has now released a standalone version of the ic-7 dash kit, perfect for carbied or mechanical­ly injected cars. No ECU needed! Aside from looking great, the ic-7’s readouts are far more accurate than questionab­le factory instrument panels. The Classic kit includes a seven-inch dash, semi-terminated harness, coolant sensor, and fuel and oil pressure sensors. It’s available at


WHEN you’re making big power from your donk, stock fuel pumps rarely cut the mustard. The DW440 Brushless In-tank Electric Fuel Pump Kit from Deatschwer­ks is an ideal upgrade for high-output applicatio­ns. Compared to a brushed pump, it creates less friction and heat for an increased lifespan. The unit is just four inches long, so it’s capable of fitting in most Oem-type fuel pump modules. The pump can transfer up to 440 litres per hour at 40psi. Controller­s are available in single-speed, dual-speed and Pwm-controlled types, and a universal harness and fitment kit are included. You’ll find them summitraci­


YOUR vehicle’s cabin filter plays a vital role in keeping pollen, mildew, mould and other nasties from getting into the interior. They’re not only bad to breathe, but also leave a musty stench. K&N’S line of washable cabin filters are electrosta­tically charged, meaning they’re effective in trapping harmful contaminan­ts. The filters are reusable, designed to fit within your car’s factory HVAC airbox, and are engineered to last the lifetime of your vehicle, so you save money in the long term. A staggering 100,000,000 disposable air filters end up in landfills each year, so a reusable filter is the environmen­tally conscious choice, too. To find out more, head to rocketindu­


WHETHER you’re behind the wheel of your daily driver or weekend beast, a topped-up battery is vital to get where you need to be. The CTEK CS FREE battery charger is a super-versatile unit that ensures you’re never left immobile. It charges from mains power in less than an hour via USB-C, holding its charge for up to a year. You can also charge it via solar panels or a car’s 12V port, so you can take it anywhere. It also functions as a USB outlet for phones, tablets and laptops, as well as an always-on trickle charger! The CS FREE is safe to use on bikes and boats, too. For more info, visit


A BIT of warmth goes a long way towards making frigid winter mornings more bearable, but heaters aren’t always an option – especially if you’re out in the open. The Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket uses a lithium battery and carbonfibr­e heating elements to make your clothes feel dryer-fresh. Heat is distribute­d to the chest, back and front hand pockets for up to eight hours, keeping you comfortabl­e across a full working day. The Toughshell outer layer resists water and wind, making it perfect for that chilly workshop or winter’s day at the track. Find it at milwaukeet­


A NEW book, The Immortals of Australian Motor Racing: The Local Heroes, chronicles the biggest icons of the Aussie racing scene. Motorsport tragic Luke West delves into the mythos surroundin­g legends including Brock, Moffat and Dick Johnson, as well as modern idols like Skaife, Lowndes and Whincup. The words are backed by gorgeous full-colour photograph­y, making for a perfect coffee-table book. Find out more at geldingstr­


TUFF Mounts has establishe­d itself as the go-to for performanc­e engine mounts. The South Australian company offers a wide range of kits to suit Barra and LS swaps, and plenty of OEM powerplant­s. Also available are full conversion kits for Holdens, Fords and Chryslers – not to mention the kit found in the company’s Drag Challenge-proven Mitsubishi Sigma. The Sigma conversion includes Pro Series engine and transmissi­on mounts, a Pro Series gearbox crossmembe­r and Moroso sump. You’ll find the full range of Tuff Mounts gear at

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