Street Machine




“HERE’S my ride, a 1961 Ford Prefect 107E. Powered by a 997cc fourcylind­er, coupled with a four-speed gearbox, this beast gets from 0 to 55mph in… a really long time! It’s a great little cruiser that gathers plenty of attention at cars ’n’ coffee meets and supermarke­t runs alike, given how uncommon they are. I bought it back in 2017. It was stock as a rock but in very good nick for a 40-plusyear-old car. I’ve since lowered it and customised it cosmetical­ly by adding the 13-inch Moon discs, whitewall flappers, fog light, steel sunvisor and badges. Fun facts: this particular example was used as a police vehicle by the WA Police Force back in the day, and a previous owner had it featured as a background vehicle in The Doctor Blake Mysteries. For plenty more pics, I have a dedicated Instagram @thebluepre­fect.”

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