Street Machine



AN OLD man walked into a jewellery store one Friday evening with a beautiful young woman at his side. He told the jeweller he was looking for a special ring for his lady friend.

The jeweller looked through his stock and brought out a $5000 ring. The old man said, “No, I’d like to see something more special.”

So the jeweller brought out another ring. “Here’s a stunning ring for $40,000,” he said.

The young lady’s eyes sparkled and her whole body trembled with excitement as she gazed at the beautiful ring.

The old man, seeing this, said, “We’ll take it.” The young lady was thrilled and looked at the old man adoringly.

The old man said, “I’d like to pay by cheque, but I know you need to make sure my cheque is good, so I’ll write it now and you can call the bank on Monday morning to verify the funds. Then I’ll pick the ring up on Monday afternoon.”

First thing Monday morning, the old man got a call from the jeweller. “There’s no money in that account!” the jeweller yelled down the line.

“I know,” said the old man, “but let me tell you about my weekend!!”

Woz Wurthit, email

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