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G’DAY friends, I enjoyed your recent article on HQFORU by the talented and handsome Simon Major (SM, Sep ’21). Here is a pic of Rod and Judith Menso, the owners (saviours) of the aforementi­oned spicy coupe. They are holding a genuine copy of the December 1985 issue of Street Machine that originally featured HQFORU. We at The Thongslapp­ers podcast have turned this issue of the mag into a kind of chain letter to help our great friend Brett Abraham, who owns and operates NSW Variety Bash car #035, a mighty EH Holden called Ehorse (far right). It’s a brilliant street car and a fundraiser for some children who really need our help; it has raised more than $400,000 in its life as a NSW Variety Bash car.

So the idea behind the ‘chain letter’ mag is that anyone who donates to Ehorse gets the mag sent to them to sign, read, and take a pic of themselves holding it, before popping it in the post for the next donor to receive. So far the mag has been to nearly every state in Australia and will continue on.

It has been a tremendous success, with the street-car community getting right behind it, and it was a real thrill to see Rod and Judith join in. A herculean thank you to everyone.

And as for you, Street Machine? Keep it tough enough.

Redmond Plankkman, email


LOVED Telfo’s Legend write-up on Geoff Seddon (SM, Sep ’21). It’s amazing what he had to go through to bring the mag up to its current level. Now, don’t get me wrong, Telfo helped to bring it into the modern age during his tour of duty as chief. But it goes to show how much Geoff (left) embraced the car modificati­on scene. I’d never really appreciate­d how far some people must push themselves to get things done the right way – the sleepless nights and lost time with family and friends to give the mag its best possible chance to grow into this Australian Automotive Bible.

To Geoff, I say thank you. Thanks for setting the foundation for this publicatio­n for everyone past and present to contribute to and show us what the Australian automotive car culture has to offer.

I also want to thank both Telfo and Broads for picking up the baton and running with it.

James Baylis, email


THE Chrysler Valiant Charger body is frankly still not completed! The bodywork is too plain! The Ford Falcon XA and XB muscle cars have ventilatio­n scoops on the bonnet and sides, making it look more ferocious and with grunt.

Even the USA Dodge Charger has them on the doors and deep in the bonnet, but the Aussie Charger misses these key things. The owner is left to install them at the panel garage himself!

Dennis & Spiro Vossos, email


REMEMBER the One Tonners with caravans on the back (above)? I have an idea for a more modern version, a VY/VZ Tonner with a modern teardrop-style caravan on the back (above right). To make her more of a dualpurpos­e vehicle, swap out the camper for a tray when you’re not on holiday.

Of course, it will be a V8. As for paint, why not a retro yellow and a white splitter, plus white Intercepto­r rims with some goodsidewa­ll tyres – bonus if you’ve got white writing on there, or whitewalls.

Damn, it was just an idea, but I’ve almost talked myself into it! I’d better let you go before I go searching Gumtree!

Steve Pacey, email


AWESOME to see Supercars racer Cam Waters (right) building a monster XB hardtop (streetmach­ The XB is the bestlookin­g Aussie Ford ever made. Hope Street Machine can do a feature on the build.

Hopefully it will make it to the Hardtop Anniversar­y that will be held in Mildura in November – if it goes ahead.

Rhett Corbett, email

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