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EB S-XR6 & XR8

FORD’S debut XR6 wasn’t particular­ly distinctiv­e to look at, with the XR’S signature quad headlights not to debut until the ED. But with a Tickford-fettled head and cam, it was quicker to 100km/h than the XR8.


BUILT on the EBII Fairmont Ghia, the 25th-anniversar­y Falcon GT copped an uprated 5.0L Windsor and chunky V8 Supercars-style bodykit. There were 265 individual­ly numbered cars built, with a big $62,000 price tag when new.


A SLIGHTLY detuned version of the EB GT’S donk was wedged into the Sprint, which was 70kg lighter than the luxury tourer. The ED series was the first to get the iconic quad-headlight XR treatment.


THE first official TVE car featured styling that’s controvers­ial to this day – especially the vertically slotted grille. It was good for an honest 200kw, and most of the 250 built were finished in Sparkling Burgundy.

AU XR6 & XR8

THE Tickford team had their work cut out to beautify the AU, but the XR range is now a cult classic. Optional VCT helped on the six, while the last XR8S got hand-built, 220kw powerplant­s.

AU 5.6L

A THUMPING, 250kw, 5.6L Windsor stroker powered the T3 TS50 and TE50 Falcons. Three stroker Fairlanes were also built, alongside a run of XR8 Pursuit utes.


FORD Australia offered both coupe and convertibl­e right hook Mustangs in 2001-2002, converted by Tickford at its Melbourne workshop.


The newly minted FPV brought the GT badge back full-time, with a 290kw version of the Boss quad-cam under the bonnet.


FPV cranked the turbo Barra to 270kw for the BF F6 Typhoon, backed by a Tremec six-cogger as standard. The F6 stuck around until FPV closed up shop in 2014.


THE family-friendly F6X spat out the same 270kw as its Falcon brethren, through an all-paw drivetrain. FPV canned the Territory Turbo-based machine after two years, building 218 units.

GT-F 351

FPV paid tribute to the HOS of yore with its last GT, which knocked out 351kw from the homegrown Miami 5.0L. On overboost, that number jumped to 404kw.

XR6 & XR8 Sprint

THE Sprint badge was revived on two killer limitededi­tion Falcons as the nameplate’s last hurrah. The Barra’s final evolution made up to 370kw, while the XR8 version was capable of 400kw.


PREMCAR created this ultimate Miami-powered Falcon package in 2019, with a rejigged manifold, intercoole­r and tune. Unencumber­ed by Ford’s beancounte­rs, the team tuned the car to a huge 483kw. Holy grail, indeed.

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