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SAGIT­TAR­IUS Nov 23 – Dec 21

Sagit­tar­i­ans will be ea­gerly hop­ping from one foot to the other on Christ­mas morn­ing. Whether they are watch­ing you open your gift to see your re­ac­tion or wait­ing for their gifts to be given out, Sagit­tar­i­ans love noth­ing more than fam­ily. Free­dom is im­por­tant, as this sign loves noth­ing bet­ter than hit­ting the open road with the fam­ily in tow to go off on ad­ven­tures.

CAPRI­CORN Dec 22 – Jan 20

Capri­corns love gifts that are prac­ti­cal, easy to use but must look ex­pen­sive. They are fan­tas­tic at gad­getry and love noth­ing more than build­ing and de­sign­ing their own per­sonal space. Power tools and DIY books will go down a treat.

AQUAR­IUS Jan 21 – Feb 19

Aquar­i­ans love noth­ing more than a great laugh — it keeps them amused for hours. Per­haps a book on the world’s worst jokes will be just the ticket? They are ad­ven­tur­ous, of­ten choos­ing dan­ger­ous pas­times such as hang glid­ing, sky­div­ing or white-wa­ter raft­ing.

PISCES Feb 20 – Mar 20

Pis­ceans are the dream­ers of the Zo­diac, so that is why you will of­ten find them lay­ing back look­ing at the clouds. They are cre­ative and artis­tic, get­ting their in­spi­ra­tion from na­ture. Fan­tasy colour­ing books will bring out a beau­ti­ful side, or per­haps a blow-up pool toy where they can wit­tle away the hours drift­ing along hum­ming mer­rily to them­selves.

ARIES Mar 21 – Apr 20

Big, bright and colour­ful — you can tell an Aries per­son as they stand out from the rest of the flock, mak­ing ev­ery­one else pale in com­par­i­son. They love sur­prises, so keep them guess­ing un­til the last minute, or send them off on a wild trea­sure hunt. They will love you even more for it, just make sure the fi­nal clue is worth their while.

TAU­RUS Apr 21 – May 21

Your life re­volves around mak­ing sure you are nour­ished, whether it be by food or con­ver­sa­tion — both are great for Tau­rus. When it comes to the ideal gift for the Tau­rus in your life, look no fur­ther than ex­pen­sive wine, gourmet ham­pers or en­rich­ing their mind with books.

GEM­INI May 22 – June 22

Gem­ini’s love to prob­lem solve, so mak­ing sure you can keep them en­ter­tained is the big­gest chal­lenge. They don’t lie around do­ing noth­ing, they love to go bush­walk­ing, hik­ing or spend time solv­ing the mys­ter­ies of life.

CAN­CER June 23 – July 23

Cance­ri­ans love to relax a lit­tle too much — some­times it can be a chal­lenge to get them out of their shells at all. You must use all of you cun­ning ways to gain their in­ter­est, so think of it as your own per­sonal chal­lenge. They can of­ten be found snug­gled un­der the cov­ers, read­ing to their heart’s con­tent.

LEO July 24 – Aug 23

Leo peo­ple love to keep up-to-date with the lat­est mu­sic trends and can be hap­pily found singing and danc­ing like there is no tomorrow. Puz­zle books or photography books are a great gift idea for Leo’s.

VIRGO Aug 24 – Sept 24

When it comes to gift ideas for the Virgo per­son in your life, they love to be or­gan­ised right down to last de­tail. No last-minute gifts will be ap­pre­ci­ated it is the thought that counts. Travel for Virgo makes life in­ter­est­ing so per­haps lug­gage or if feel­ing in­dul­gent then a gift cer­tifi­cate.

LI­BRA Sept 24 – Oct 23

Li­brans love more, bring me more — doesn’t mat­ter if it is red wine or money, a Li­bra per­son will be ea­gerly rub­bing their hands with glee if there are many lit­tle presents un­der the tree come Christ­mas morn­ing. They do not have to be ex­pen­sive, if you have taken the time to wrap each gift with care, they will be gig­gling with hap­pi­ness.

SCOR­PIO Oct 24 – Nov 22

Buy­ing gifts for a Scor­pio is easy — sim­ply hand over the cash and they will hap­pily go on a shop­ping spree. Per­haps new ac­ces­sories such as a wal­let are a great idea — at least that way you have some­where to stash their cash and give them a sur­prise.

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