Win­ter snif­fles are in­evitable, but fight­ing the good fight may just get you through this flu sea­son

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Sta­tis­ti­cally, 2017 was the big­gest year for catch­ing colds in Aus­tralia since 2009.

So, how do you pro­tect your­self from the flu?

Un­for­tu­nately, you can’t lock your­self away in your room, so here are a few ways to arm your­self against the dreaded bug.

The most com­mon method of pro­tec­tion is tak­ing the flu shot.

How­ever, this pop­u­lar in­jec­tion can’t keep you safe from all strains of in­fluenza due to its rapid mu­ta­tion rate, but it will pro­tect you from the com­mon flu.

If you’re afraid of nee­dles, then Vi­ta­min C might be for you.

A group study showed that tak­ing 200mg of Vi­ta­min C per day re­duces the risk and du­ra­tion of flu symp­toms by eight per cent (not much, but it might just be the edge you need).

Even gar­lic is ca­pa­ble of fight­ing the flu.

Gar­lic con­tains al­licin and other com­pounds that are re­leased when the gar­lic is chewed and these com­pounds have been shown to boost the flu-com­bat­ing re­sponse of white blood cells in the body, help­ing fight it off.

How­ever, the most ef­fi­cient way of pro­tect­ing your­self from flu is sim­ply to wash your hands ef­fec­tively as a good scrub­bing will phys­i­cally re­move the viruses from your skin. The water doesn’t need to be hot or cold, just rub­bing hard will do the trick and if soap and water is un­avail­able, us­ing an al­co­hol-based san­i­tizer will suf­fice.

Wash­ing your hands reg­u­larly is shown to re­duce the chance of catch­ing flu by 45 per cent, mak­ing it the most ef­fec­tive way to fight those win­ter woes (as well as the eas­i­est).

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