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Ca­reer. Gone are the days of just one.

Our modern lives see us all now wear­ing many dif­fer­ent hats, but how do we keep all of our balls in the air and find suc­cess in each one? It’s not multi task­ing, this just doesn’t work. While we all have mul­ti­ple balls in the air at once, the key I find is to fo­cus on one thing at a time and be 100% com­mit­ted to that task. Be present.

When I am in work mode, I am solely fo­cused on my clients and their needs.

This gets the job done faster and al­lows for the best end re­sult.

If I was think­ing about the kids, check­ing my emails or think­ing about an­other job, I am in­stantly dis­tracted and the task starts drag­ging on.

When I take this ap­proach at home and fo­cus solely on the fam­ily, our time to­gether is more mean­ing­ful and ful­fill­ing.

To make the jug­gle work, we can do our best to stay or­gan­ised.

Meal plan­ning, fam­ily di­aries and an or­gan­ised home/of­fice al­low us to by­pass all the dis­trac­tions and kick some goals.

Stay fo­cused, the feel­ing of fin­ish­ing a job and the sense of suc­cess in achiev­ing an amaz­ing re­sult will flow into the other tasks and roles within life — en­rich­ing those re­sults as well.

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