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There’s noth­ing quite like job-hunt­ing to fid­dle with your anx­i­ety lev­els.

The con­stant wait­ing be­tween ap­ply­ing for a job and get­ting a re­sponse (if you’re lucky), the strained phone con­ver­sa­tions, thank­ing some­one for giv­ing you feed­back and bad news, the highs af­ter a good in­ter­view, and the lows af­ter a bad one.

This whole process can leave you feel­ing anx­ious and help­less.

One thing you can do to take back some mea­sure of con­trol, is to make sure your re­sume is as per­fect as it can be.

Ac­cord­ing to Kate Southam of Ca­reerone: “No one gets a job based on the re­sume alone. The pur­pose of the re­sume is to get the in­ter­view, no more, no less.”

Here are some tips to get your re­sume on track: Spell­ing and Gram­mar: This is per­haps one of the big­gest is­sues with re­sumes.

When writ­ing yours, make sure you check, recheck and triple check your spell­ing and gram­mar. Then ask some­one else to check it for a fourth time.

We tend to miss our own mis­takes and no­tice those of oth­ers.

Noth­ing says ‘no at­ten­tion to de­tail’ quite like a re­sume full of mis­takes, so take the time and check, check, check.

Font and Spac­ing: At first glance, you want your re­sume to look pro­fes­sional.

Try out some ba­sic, non-dra­matic fonts and choose the one that looks best. Good op­tions to use, will al­ways be the tried and trusted Times New Ro­man, Arial and Cal­ibri.

Once you choose a font, stick with it. The same can be said for spac­ing. Stick with the spac­ing op­tion you choose.

For head­ings, sub-head­ings and other sorts of de­scrip­tions, utilise the ‘bold’, ‘un­der­line’ and ‘ital­ics’ func­tions (but keep this to a min­i­mum).

Keep it Sim­ple: Get rid of ir­rel­e­vant in­for­ma­tion like your age, mar­i­tal sta­tus or gen­der.

Th­ese facts should not in­flu­ence prospec­tive em­ploy­ers, so don’t tempt them in the first place.

Keep it Pro­fes­sional: Make sure the lan­guage you use and items like your email ad­dress show you in a pro­fes­sional light.

If your email ad­dress is some­thing like par­ty­bunny18@, open a new ac­count us­ing some vari­a­tion of your name.

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