Dis­cover beauty tips for the harsh win­ter winds

Mois­tur­is­ing is a must to help hy­drate your skin

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Do you feel itchy fre­quently dur­ing the colder months? Cracks on your hands? Flak­ing skin?

Like many other Aus­tralians, you are prob­a­bly suffering from dry skin.

It’s quite nat­u­ral to get dry skin as win­ter comes, even if you usu­ally mois­turise, drink plenty of wa­ter, and don’t use al­co­hol-based soaps.

Be­cause of the cold winds, win­ter is enough to dry any­thing out, but the mo­ment you add heat­ing — be it air-con or gas — your skin will start de­hy­drat­ing like noth­ing else.

Here are some tips for sav­ing your hands this win­ter:


And don’t just use any hand cream or lo­tion ei­ther — of­ten they are nowhere near in­ten­sive enough for your needs.

Thick creme is great for hy­drat­ing al­ready chron­i­cally dry hands, while gels and jel­lies will lock in that essen­tial mois­ture.


For some, gloves and mit­tens are more a hin­drance than help for ev­ery-day life.

How­ever, keep­ing hands out of the harsh wind is essen­tial to keep them from dry­ing out.

Not to men­tion, you’ll stay warmer.


Yes, you read that right.

If your hands are al­ready chron­i­cally dry, get a pair of plas­tic gloves — like the ones pack­aged with hair dye from the su­per­mar­ket.

Smother your hands with hand lo­tion or cream, put the gloves on and af­fix to your hands with tape.

Leave them on overnight, or for a few hours while you watch TV, for soft and silky hands.

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