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‘N ew you’…. I don’t love the con­cept. I mean, we can’t shed our skin can we? Those spots will still be there, no mat­ter how much con­cealer we plas­ter on.

I much pre­fer the no­tion of ‘im­proved you’.

So as we step gin­gerly out of the win­ter’s op­pres­sive frosts and a lit­tle closer to that fresh­ness of spring, here’s some­thing to think about.

If you’re into self-improvement… rather than start­ing com­pletely from scratch, there are a few sim­ple tricks you can start to im­ple­ment.

Take it from me, a com­pletely un­qual­i­fied ad­vice giver, who has learnt through trial, er­ror and sheer de­ter­mi­na­tion!

1) Make a list of your strengths

Know­ing what your best char­ac­ter­is­tics are and con­tin­u­ing to de­velop them keeps your self-es­teem up and helps build a solid foun­da­tion for the best ver­sion of your­self you can be.

2) Make a list of your dark traits

These can be any­thing from a bad tem­per, lazi­ness, a ten­dency not to go to foot­ball train­ing…or any­thing else you have no­ticed about your­self that you’re less than thrilled with.

Re­mem­ber this list isn’t about beat­ing your­self up. It’s about what to keep an eye on. Self-aware­ness is half the bat­tle.

3) Change your be­hav­iour

Two words: baby

steps! This week did you think be­fore snap­ping back at some­one? Did you set three alarms to beat that lazi­ness and ac­tu­ally get up for your morn­ing run? Well, then con­grat­u­late your­self. Keep­ing a lit­tle tally of small wins (a large sheet of butcher’s pa­per on your bed­room wall is ideal) re­ally helps teach us that we can change our be­hav­iour if we put our mind to it and chip away slowly.

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