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Go­ing away on hol­i­day… a term that once evoked thoughts of drop­ping off the grid, tun­ing out and giv­ing tech­nol­ogy a back seat to re­lax­ation.

How­ever, search the travel bag of any child un­der 18 be­fore they en­ter the fam­ily car bound for hol­i­days and it’s al­most in­evitable you will un­earth a tech­no­log­i­cal cache.

So, what to do about the grow­ing prob­lem within our chil­dren of too much screen time?

One tac­tic is to draw a line from the start of the hol­i­day and be firm with it.

Set the rule early and you won’t have to try and es­tab­lish it three days in.

Your rules de­pend, of course, on how you’d like to run your fam­ily.

An all-out ban may suit some par­ents while be­ing to­tally un­re­al­is­tic for oth­ers.

If the thought of han­dling a fully-fledged mutiny in your hol­i­day rental apart­ment makes you weary, per­haps im­pos­ing a cur­few or ‘no fly zone’ is more suited.

This can be sim­ple — no phones un­til 5pm, no tech­nol­ogy at the beach, screen time for two hours a day only.

While your chil­dren will no doubt ar­gue black and blue they ‘need’ their smart­phone/tablet/other, peo­ple of all ages need pe­ri­ods of com­plete re­lax­ation with­out out­side stim­u­lus to truly un­wind and recharge their bat­ter­ies.

Hol­i­day time for both you and your off­spring is pre­cious lit­tle in the cal­en­dar year, so make sure your hol­i­day is filled with real mem­o­ries, not tweeted photos that punc­tu­ate a lot of face-in-phone pe­ri­ods.

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