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Did you know that heat­ing up wa­ter for bathing and clean­ing the dishes ac­counts for up to 30 per cent of the av­er­age house­hold’s to­tal en­ergy con­sump­tion?

This is where so­lar en­ergy may just be the an­swer to com­bat­ing those hor­ror elec­tric­ity bills.

What is so­lar hot wa­ter and how does it work?

In ba­sic terms, so­lar hot wa­ter takes heat from the sun to pro­vide hot wa­ter through­out your home. So­lar hot wa­ter sys­tems use roof-mounted so­lar col­lec­tors to ab­sorb en­ergy from the sun to heat wa­ter which then flows to the stor­age tank.

Ben­e­fits of So­lar Hot Wa­ter By us­ing the sun’s en­ergy to heat wa­ter:

The av­er­age house­hold can re­duce its an­nual hot wa­ter costs by 85 per cent (when com­pared to a tra­di­tional elec­tric sys­tem)

De­pend­ing on the cli­mate in which you choose to build your home, so­lar hot wa­ter sys­tems can pro­vide up to 90 per cent of your hot wa­ter for free

Re­duced en­ergy con­sump­tion re­sults in fewer green­house gases pro­duced.

What are so­lar PV sys­tems? A so­lar pho­to­voltaic (PV) sys­tem is a sys­tem com­prised of one or more so­lar pan­els com­bined with an in­verter that con­verts sun­light into elec­tric­ity. Most Aus­tralian homes are con­nected to the elec­tric­ity grid, which uses al­ter­nat­ing cur­rent (AC), while the elec­tric­ity gen­er­ated by so­lar pan­els uses di­rect cur­rent (DC). From this, an in­verter is used to trans­form the DC elec­tric­ity into AC elec­tric­ity which is then suit­able for or­di­nary house­hold needs. It should also be noted that houses with so­lar sys­tems use so­lar power first be­fore sourc­ing elec­tric­ity from the grid.

The av­er­age daily pro­duc­tion of a so­lar PV sys­tem The power out­put of a so­lar PV sys­tem de­pends on its ef­fi­ciency, size and lo­ca­tion, but the typ­i­cal Aus­tralian house­hold uses around 18-kilo­watt hours (kwh) of elec­tric­ity per day. This means that a 1-2 kw sys­tem could dis­place 25-40 per cent of your av­er­age elec­tric­ity bill.

A qual­ity so­lar power sys­tem en­sures that you are on your way to cut­ting costs on your elec­tric­ity bill, all the while im­prov­ing your green foot­print.

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