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Amer­i­can pres­i­dent Franklin D. Roo­sevelt once said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear it­self" but, when it comes to things that freak us out, un­for­tu­nately F.D.R.’S calm­ing words of­fer lit­tle con­so­la­tion.

Pho­bias are a very real con­di­tion for most hu­mans – and there’s a ver­i­ta­ble plethora of para­noia out there that will get the heart pound­ing and bring on the cold sweats.

A fear of snakes (Ophid­io­pho­bia), spi­ders (Arachno­pho­bia) or speak­ing in pub­lic (Glos­so­pho­bia) con­sis­tently fea­ture in all-time global dreads – but that’s just the tip of the ice­berg.

Ir­ra­tional or other­wise, we’ve all got our own quirks and ter­rors and while we ap­pre­ci­ate the fol­low­ing list fea­tures most gen­uine fears for some, here are a few recog­nised pho­bias that def­i­nitely take things to the next level:

Globo­pho­bia – fear of bal­loons (any­one who has had 20 of them sys­tem­at­i­cally ex­plode while pre­par­ing for Timmy’s fifth birth­day party will be nod­ding in twitchy agree­ment)

An­crao­pho­bia – fear of wind or drafts (if you suf­fer from this, Toowoomba, Chicago or any cliff buff may not be the best place to call home)

Ba­tra­cho­pho­bia – fear of frogs and other am­phib­ians (Toad-ly agree)

Chero­pho­bia – fear of hap­pi­ness (Too many peo­ple seem to have this these days)

Ge­phy­ro­pho­bia – fear of bridges (sug­gest­ing to ‘build a bridge and get over it’ may not be the best ad­vice)

Phago­pho­bia – fear of swal­low­ing (gulp!)

Koum­pouno­pho­bia – fear of but­tons (pos­si­bly falsely started and dis­sem­i­nated by the zip­per in­dus­try)

No­mo­pho­bia – fear of be­ing out of mo­bile phone con­tact (one for our Mil­len­ni­als)

Po­gono­pho­bia – fear of beards (the ul­ti­mate in shear ter­ror)

Spec­tro­pho­bia or Catop­tro­pho­bia – fear of mir­rors (we should re­flect on that)

Hal­i­to­pho­bia – fear of bad breath (Can’t say we ac­tu­ally fear it, but most ev­ery­one will agree that we can cer­tainly do with­out it).


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