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Let’s try and change things up this year. Let’s not write down goals and never reach them.

Let’s not pre­tend we are go­ing to com­pletely trans­form our body or mind within 12 months and then be dis­ap­pointed if we fall short.

Why don’t we just change our daily rit­u­als, our views and aim to gain more con­trol of our time and be re­spect­ful of our bound­aries?

Start by cre­at­ing rit­u­als or daily habits. Lit­tle daily rit­u­als that make your whole be­ing sing with hap­pi­ness.

Wake up and give thanks for all that you have. Stop look­ing over the fence and start look­ing within. If this means you need to wake up 10 min­utes ear­lier each day to al­low your­self some "you time", then let’s do it.

I love noth­ing more than hav­ing a tea and do­ing some yoga to start my day. I no­tice that when I don’t do this, my whole day can be thrown off.

Plan­ning and be­ing or­gan­ised is a habit, one that can eas­ily be learnt if you just chip away at it.

Plan your shop­ping lists, your meals and plan when you are go­ing to en­joy some down time. There are so many amaz­ing cal­en­dars and apps avail­able th­ese days to help you gain con­trol. But keep it sim­ple, you don’t want to waste your time or­gan­is­ing your or­gan­iser.

Be­ing or­gan­ised al­lows you to have con­trol of your time. Be sure not to over com­mit your­self, (trust me I have been the Queen of this), be re­spect­ful of your own bound­aries. Don’t have them? Then start set­ting some. Bound­aries can set you free.

Some­thing or some­one may miss out; you just need to de­cide what your pri­or­ity is. Try to fo­cus on you and your loved ones.

Be kind and pa­tient with your­self and take each day as it comes.

But re­mem­ber to check in with your­self at the end of the day, week and month. Are you happy with how you han­dled the ob­sta­cles life threw you, were you pre­pared? If not, that’s okay.

Life is a jour­ney, not a race. Fo­cus on set­ting your rit­u­als for a bet­ter you.

En­joy your story.


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