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the in­sti­tute, says a se­ries of “diet shifts” is enough. Ba­si­cally, eat less meat, switch red for white meat when pos­si­ble and be mind­ful of waste.

The real prob­lem, Pol­lard says, is that we’re all eat­ing too much of the wrong types of meat.

“Too much meat and not enough ve­g­ies is mak­ing us sick as a na­tion and put­ting us at risk of dis­ease,” she says. “Pro­cessed meat should gen­er­ally be avoided but hav­ing a lit­tle bit of ba­con or a cou­ple of sausages ev­ery now and then is fine. Red meat is a good source of pro­tein, iron and zinc but it can also be high in sat­u­rated fat. So it’s when th­ese foods are eaten of­ten or in large amounts that the prob­lems arise.”

The Aus­tralian di­etary guide­lines rec­om­mend adults eat no more than 455g of cooked lean meats each week (cur­rently, we in­di­vid­u­ally eat al­most 250g of meat each day).

“If you’re go­ing to have meat ev­ery day, you’ll have to cut your usual steak in half at least to stay be­low the rec­om­mended amount,” Pol­lard ad­vises. “That’s why the eas­i­est way to do it is to have meat-free days.”

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