This kilo­joule-killer will push you into the fat-burn­ing zone The side plank works the deep ab mus­cles (obliques, trans­verse ab­domi­nus) that many ex­er­cises don’t iso­late.

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Warm up by walk­ing for 3 min­utes. Do each ex­er­cise for 1 minute with a 1-minute rest be­tween. Try to go the full minute even if you have to slow down. Once you’ve com­pleted all 4 ex­er­cises, re­peat the cir­cuit twice more. As your fit­ness im­proves, re­duce the rest time to 30 sec­onds. Cool down with a light stretch.


Start with feet wider than your shoul­ders and hands be­hind your head. Main­tain a straight back and don’t lean for­ward as you squat. At the bot­tom of the squat, use your legs and core to jump up and tap your feet to­gether. Land with your feet in the start­ing po­si­tion, sink into the squat and re­peat. Begin­ners do a nor­mal squat.


Sprint on the spot for 5 secs, then hit the ground to do a push-up. Next, place your right hand to your left hand, then move your left hand fur­ther to the left, while si­mul­ta­ne­ously step­ping your feet the same way. Do an­other pushup, then jump up into a sprint and re­peat. Begin­ners: do 2 push-ups from your knees with­out tak­ing the side-step.


Lie on your side and push up into a side plank, keep­ing your neck long, abs drawn in and legs strong. Reach over­head with your free arm then pull it down the side of your body as you draw your knee up to­wards your el­bow. Bal­ance by pulling your core in and fo­cus on squeez­ing in the side as your knee and el­bow meet. Begin­ners can do this from bent knees.


Start in a stand­ing po­si­tion and drop into a crouch with hands shoul­der-width apart on the ground. Jump both feet out to the right into an an­gled plank po­si­tion. Im­me­di­ately jump back into your crouched po­si­tion and jump di­rectly up into the air with an over­head clap. Drop straight down into your crouch po­si­tion and re­peat to the left. Begin­ners: walk the feet out into the plank po­si­tion, walk them back to the crouch po­si­tion and stand up for an over­head clap, re­mov­ing the jump. 1 2 3

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