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In classes that I teach and in my own prac­tice, I’m not so con­cerned with how a pos­ture looks. It’s more about how it feels when you’re in it.

The same goes for daily life. The fol­low­ing pos­tures are se­quenced to­gether and held to create phys­i­cal free­dom and strength – from the inside out.

2WHY: This strength­ens your core and tones your arms. HOW: From downdog, slowly lift your right leg up and back, keep­ing your hips square. As you exhale, squeeze your knee in towards your chest and draw your chin to your WHY: This is great for spinal health, ton­ing the legs and stretch­ing var­i­ous back mus­cles. This ex­er­cise also aids diges­tion and has a beau­ti­ful knock-on ef­fect to the health of your skin.

HOW: From Cres­cent Lunge above, in­hale and bring the palms of your hands to­gether above your head. Then exhale, draw your hands down WHY: This en­er­gises the whole body, length­ens the ham­strings and stretches the chest and shoul­ders. HOW: From all fours, spread your fin­gers out wide. On an ex­ha­la­tion, flip onto your toes, lift your knees and be­gin to lift your sit bones high, press­ing your chest back towards your thighs. Roll your shoul­der blades away from your spine and ears. If you feel ten­der in the lower back or tight in the ham­strings, bend your knees. Keep your feet hip-dis­tance apart. Hold for 5-10 breaths.

Do the fol­low­ing three pos­tures on the right side. throat. Come high onto your left tip­toes and pull your lower ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles in to re­ally get the most out of this core sweet­ener. In­hale your right leg up and back again and as you exhale, use that core strength to step your right foot through your hands for Cres­cent Lunge (fol­low­ing). the cen­tre of your body so your thumbs rest into your ster­num. In­hale, lengthen your col­lar bones for­ward and float your chest off your right thigh. Then exhale and twist to wrap your left el­bow around the outer edge of your right knee. Use each in­hala­tion to lengthen your spine and each ex­ha­la­tion to twist gen­tly. Press firmly into your right foot and into your back heel. Re­peat poses 2-4 on the left side. As you move around the mat to­day, let your breath re­flect a state of calm and con­fi­dence. Breathe deep, full, gen­er­ous breaths from the di­aphragm and not from the chest. WHY: This tones the thigh and glute of the lung­ing leg, stretches the hip flexor of the back leg and length­ens the side waist for bet­ter pos­ture and diges­tion. HOW: Af­ter plac­ing your right foot be­tween your hand, as above (Tiger Curl), en­sure your right knee and an­kle are in line. Then,

WHY: This tones the ab­domen and oblique mus­cles (side waist).

HOW: Ly­ing on your back, ex­tend both legs with your feet fac­ing up­wards and in­ter­lace your hands be­hind your head. In­hale and lift your head so that the bot­tom tips of your shoul­der blades are raised off the floor. Exhale to lower your right leg un­til it’s just off the ground. Then slowly in­hale your right leg back up. Swap sides and al­ter­nate these leg raises slowly. Af­ter 10 reps, give your­self a lit­tle breather by hug­ging in­hale to lift your arms above your head with your chest and hips square for­ward. Press your right foot firmly into the floor and feel the strength in your front leg and the strength and tone in your right glute. Then press en­er­get­i­cally back into your left heel. Lift your hands high with palms fac­ing, re­lax your shoul­ders and breathe deeply. your knees into your chest and rest­ing your head back. Next, us­ing the same set-up, lower your right leg, hov­er­ing it off the floor, bend your left knee and lift your right el­bow towards the outer edge of your left knee. Squeeze your abs. In­hale, slowly lift your right leg and move your torso to the cen­tre. Switch sides. Re­peat 10 times.

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